TRAITOR TURNER: Hull East MP PROMISED to deliver Brexit, now he’s DEFYING voters

KARL Turner MP – the sleazy Labour sellout who incited violence against Brexiteers, once promised to give his full backing to the Government in their endeavours to leave the European Union, but now the Establishment remainer is defying his own voters.

Last week Politicalite on Sunday exclusively revealed that the MP for Hull East had sent vile messages online that incited violence against UKIP voters and Brexiteers – despite calling out Prime Minister Boris Johnson on his ‘hateful language’. – Sunday, October 6th 2019

The Bosh revealed to Politicalite that the sleazy sellout once pledged in an open letter to voters that he would support the Government in their endeavours to leave the European Union, but has so far failed to do so, despite his own voters who voted to leave by 67.6% to 32.4%.

During the negotiation period between the Government and the European Union, he claimed that he would “Do all that he could” to make sure the best deal is delivered for people in East Hull.

He also bragged that it would be Parliament that had the final say on when Article 50 was to be invoked and slammed pro-Brexit right-wing media that reflected his own voter’s wishes.

“Labour accepts and respects the referendum result and recognises that the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union,” said Turner.

“Some sections of the right-wing media and Parliamentarians who really should know better have used the judgment to sow the seeds of division.” relating to a Supreme Court Judgement on Brexit.

Despite the ruling being judged by a plethora of Leftist Establishment Judges – he claimed that It was “important to note that the High Court judgment was unanimous and independent of outside influence.”

Turner, who campaigned to remain in the European Union promised that he would do all that he could to “make sure the best deal is delivered for people in East Hull.”

He also told Hullians who voted to leave the European Union that it was his “duty” to make sure their voices would be heard loud and clearly.

Clearly, Labour’s Karl Turner lied to his voters then – and continues to lie to voters now.

He has repeatedly frustrated Brexit on numerous occasions and is preventing his own constituents from having their democratic right validated.

It’s time the people of Hull stood up to this sanctimonious REMOANER MP once and for all!

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