TURNING TRICKS: Sleazy Labour MP Karl Turner LIED about death threats following Cummings confrontation


LABOUR sleazeball and bum-smacking extraordinaire Karl Turner lied about receiving death threats, Politicalite on Sunday can exclusively reveal. 

The Labour MP for Kingston upon Hull – a pro-Leave constituency, told the mainstream media that a Yellow Vest group had sent him death threats.

This was amidst his run-in with the Prime Ministers top aide Dominic Cummings, and he has been accused of trying to get maximum political capital out of the saga. 

Turner followed up his Party focus on MPs being threated by going on both local and national radio mentioning “death threats”.

Turner attacked Mr Cummings and told him he should be “dead in a ditch,” over the Prime Ministers so-called ‘hateful language.’ 

He told the aide: “That tone of language used by the prime minister is going down well in constituencies like mine.”

Cummings asked who he was and told him to: “Get Brexit done.” 

“I’ve had death threats overnight – I should be dead.” added Turner.

Earlier today Politicalite on Sunday exposed Turner and revealed that the sellout MP had made offensive and hateful messages online. 

He posted a picture of a UKIP leaflet tied to a BRICK and tweeted: “Just got in to find #UKIP crap on my doormat. It’s off back. #Freepost #VoteLabour”.

The leftie MP also incited violence against right-wing UKIP candidates and the controversial activist Tommy Robinson. 

He later told LBC: “I’ve had very serious death threats overnight, They worry me.”

When I’m in London, I’m very worried about the safety of my family in Hull when I’m away,” he said.

“The death threats we get are vile and very serious.”

“I don’t know if they’re real or if they’re just from a person who’s had too much too much to drink- but I’m still always nervous.”

Turner also attempted to claim that a man burst into his house and that was relating to an incident in 2016.

He told LBC: “When my wife was about to give birth, a man burst in to our home”

“The man wrestled with me, tried to arrest me, the Police where involved, an injunction was granted.” claimed Turner. 

A source told Politicalite and that the events did not take place as Karl had claimed and that the person did not burst into his house.

We also got hold of a police report relating to the incident and Mr Turner did not call the cops and he did not try to get an injunction in relation to this incident. 

The police report also revealed that Turner failed to make a complaint – and that the alleged man that ‘burst through his door’ had, in fact, knocked on and spoken quite calmly.

“Turner found the threat so serious against him and his family that he decided NOT to ring 999 nor to press charges.” said our source. 

This just proves Mr Turner for the charlatan that he is.

Politicalite has contacted Labour and Karl Turner MP for comment. 

More follows. 

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