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LOCK HIM UP: Tories call for Agent Cob to face inquiry over Soviet spy claims



AGENT Cob could face the Foreign Affairs select committee and face questions over his links to the Soviet-backed spies.

Tory MP David Morris has written to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee requesting that Jeremy Corbyn is called in to “allow the facts to be established and individuals to clear their name”

Morris said in a letter to the Select Committee: “It has recently been widely reported in the National Media that the leader of the Opposition, the Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP had fraternised with a Soviet Bloc Czech Spymaster in the late 1980s.”

“Included in the reports are statements made by the former spymaster from the StB – the Statni Bezpecnost, Jan Sarkocy. These statements come from the man who was based in the Czech Embassy in London at the time and who should, therefore, be in a position to have some authority on the issue.”


“Given that it is widely accepted the Czech intelligence service had a track record of successfully penetrating Parliament – including the recruitment of at least two senior Labour MP’s – John Stonehouse and Will Owen there are strong grounds to warrant further investigation of these reports.”

“We are fortunate that a number of former Soviet Bloc Intelligence agencies have had their files preserved. The Stasi of the DDR have had many of their records preserved and they may also shed some light on the issue.”

“These are very serious and disturbing allegations given that the Leader of the Opposition wants to scrap Trident debasing our defence capability and national security.”

“Despite the efforts of some to play down these issues there are some serious allegations being made about a Member of this House. I have considered asking the ISC but as their primary role is oversight of the UK’s intelligence service and not foreign relations I feel that your committee is best placed to investigate. I also note that the allegations relate to activity over 20 years ago and so much of the information would not be restricted by Government secrecy rules. At the very least an evidence session from all those mentioned in recent news reports would allow the facts to be established and individuals to clear their name”

Agent “COB” Corbyn was PAID by Soviets to spy on Britain

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