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Sarah Champion Fiasco: Labour has a problem with the cold hard truths of modern Britain

LABOUR is STILL out of touch with working class Britain.

They still refuse to accept the failures that lead to Muslim grooming gangs being able to go unchecked in deprived towns and cities such as Rotherham, Rochdale and Newcastle.

Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, South Yorkshire. © Victor De Jesus.

If you haven’t heard the story, Sarah Champion, a Labour MP from Rotherham – wrote an honest and real article on Muslim grooming gangs that are one of societies biggest ills.

The article’s headline ‘British Pakistanis ARE Raping white girls – we must face up to it’ triggered Jeremy Corbyn so much – that he reportedly made Sarah Champion resign from her position as Labour’s shadow equalities minister.

Yes, Jeremy Corbyn forced out an incredible MP who simply told the TRUTH.

Why are these words so offensive to Corbyn? Why would he and the rest of the Labour party choose to ignore the issue of Muslim grooming gangs?

The reason is… they affect ‘Community cohesion’ according to a Labour spokesman.

This is complete and utter BULL****. They hated the article because it reveals Labour’s failures in towns and cities up and down our land.

Everyone else knows this, But Corbyn & Co would rather put their fingers in their ears and look towards Venezuela.

Why can’t Corbyn face up to the cold, hard, horrible truths of the world?

Corbyn has a problem with facing up to social ills – just as he has refused to Condemn the IRA and the Venezuelan dictatorship.. the one that he so adamantly admires.

Why is Corbyn so QUICK to defend the IRA and ruthless dictatorships but so QUIET on the social ills and the MPs that speak out against it? These are the issues that are affecting the VERY people that vote for him.

Labour is supposed to be the voice of the working classes – Corbyn’s handling of the incident just proves Labour is so far out of touch with working class Britain, that they may as well be living on the moon.

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