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A TALE OF TWO MPs: Jeremy Corbyn has a problem with Grooming Gangs, he simply wont speak about it

LAST year, two Labour MPs make contrasting statements in regards to grooming gangs. One MP highlights the disproportionate number of Pakistani men involved in child abuse scandals, the other tells the victims to shut up.

Labour MP Sarah Champion had the courage and integrity to write an article in The Sun newspaper highlighting the disproportionate number of Pakistani Muslim men involved in the targeting of underage white for rape and abuse. She described the level of abuse as shocking and was determined not to be another person who turned a blind eye.

What’s was Labour’s response? Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn slapped down Sarah Champion and said: “it was wrong to label a whole community” and was forced to resign shortly afterwards.

Champion did not label a whole community – she just told the truth, there IS a disproportionate number of Pakistani Muslim men involved in Child Grooming.

Labour MP Naz Shah of Pakistani Muslim heritage retweeted a statement that said: “these abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths for the good of diversity”.

Yes, you read that right! An elected member of the Labour Party told these girls who have already been failed by the Labour Party to shut their mouths.

Naz Shah who has previously been suspended for making anti-Semitic comments online also attacked fellow Sarah Champion over her remarks regarding grooming gangs.

What was Labour’s response to Naz Shah’s horrific tweet? Was she forced to resign? Was she reprimanded? A verbal ticking off maybe?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Despite strong criticism elsewhere and a petition gathering 42,000 signatures urging the Labour MP to resign the Jeremy Corbyn remained silent.

The fact he was so vocal regarding Sarah Champions article but chose to say nothing in regards to Naz Shah’s tweet shows where he and Labour stand on the issue of Grooming Gangs.

He simply refuses to talk about it.

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