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COMMONS ASSAULT: Boris Johnson BLOCKS Labour bid to hold vote of no confidence  

BORIS Johnson has blocked a Labour plan to force a vote of no confidence in the Government.

Labour, who planned to hold the vote on Wednesday and challenged Conservative MPs to oust the Prime Minister as they hold a leadership contest.

The opposition tabled the motion on Tuesday, with the aim of holding the vote the following day, according to party sources.

Downing Street however has blocked the move, with the Government refusing to set aside parliamentary time for the motion.

Labour’s motion read: “This House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government while the Rt Hon Member for Uxbridge and South Ruislip remains Prime Minister.”

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The Government argued that the Labour motion was blocked because it mentioned Boris Johnson – who has already resigned so the motion would be “pointless” as a leadership election is underway. 

“We have given Labour the option to table a straightforward vote of no confidence in the Government,” said Number 10.

“They have chosen to play politics by tabling a vote of no confidence in the government and the prime minister.”

“As the prime minister has already resigned and a leadership process is underway we do not feel this is a valuable use of parliamentary time.”

“Should Labour amend their motion appropriately, they can have the next business day for it to be debated.”

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“The government is focused on delivering parliamentary business that impacts people’s everyday lives while we work through this transition.”

If the the confidence vote plot did succeed, a general election could be called, or the Queen could invite someone else to form a Government on the basis they could win a vote of confidence in the House.

Labour leader Keir Starmer said: “The Tory party has at last concluded that the Prime Minister is unfit for office – that was blindingly obvious a very, very long time ago.

“They can’t now let him cling on for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, until September 5. It would be intolerable for the country.”

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Discussing Tory MPs, he added: “We’re challenging them to put their constituents first, and put the country first.”

More follows. 



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