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COMRADE Forbes Pulls A Clinton – DELETES Facebook History In Panicked Cover-Up

HER predecessor, criminal MP Fiona Onasanya was the first to follow in the footsteps of Hillary Clinton – blaming her criminal activity on an innocent Russian. But now, the new Peterborough MP at the centre of a national scandal after being exposed as having endorsed pro-terrorist, anti-Jewish sentiments on social media, has gone one step further and is now frantically white-washing her dark online past.

Like her dangerous party leader, Lisa Forbes accuses the BBC of being “pro-Israel”, and as recently as just a few months ago Forbes posted in an anti-Semitic hate group that talks of “Zionist rats” and promotes the ‘stabbing’ of innocent Jews in Israel.

One of Lisa’s comments in the Jew-hating Facebook group.

The group itself – consisting predominantly of members of the Peterborough Muslim community, who are also mainly Labour supporters – posts content alleging that the Jewish State has “improper influence” and promoting rallies organised by Hamas and proscribed terrorist

group Palestinian Islamic Jihad. A member of the group even questioned why more Palestinians don’t go out to stab Jews. 

Yet as her own new colleagues in the houses of Parliament are already beginning to shun her for her views, Lisa is evidently in a state of panic, having now taken a leaf out of Hillary’s book (who deleted over 30,000 controversial emails) and allegedly tasking her campaign manager with trawling through her social media accounts and purging anything incriminating before journalists expose any potential further links to anti-semitism or Islamic extremism. 

“She has every right to delete what she wants” one Peterborough Labour supporter told Politicalite, “just as she has every right to believe what she wants”. 

Another local resident said: “She’s dodgy. She’s obviously got a lot to hide otherwise she wouldn’t care. If she didn’t hate Jews and Israel so much she’d probably be sleeping a lot easier right now”. 

“I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her” said another Peterborian. “People like her shouldn’t be anywhere near power. We’ve already had one waste of space. We don’t need another thank you very much”. 

Hillary Clinton came under fire after allegedly deleting thousands of ‘incriminating’ emails.

Forbes has recently also come under fire over her rejection of the official definition of anti-semitism, and for employing a convicted vote-rigger on her campaign team. 

Politicalite contacted Forbes for comment and an explanation about her social media purge, but – as with everyone else who has contacted the panic-stricken MP – received no response. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Newspaniard

    June 9, 2019 at 10:33

    I thought that we had “honest, upstanding and incorruptible” units who dealt firmly with voter fraud. Just shows you how wrong you can be”. The people who supposedly supervised Peterborough were off that day on an all expenses paid holiday financed by the muslim brotherhood. Well done Peterborough.

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