DUMB-WING: Diane Abbott Claims Boris’ Voter ID Is ‘Right-Wing’ – Despite LABOUR Introducing It In Northern Ireland

DIANE Abacus has been caught-out putting her foot in it yet again – this time essentially accusing her own party of being right-wing. 

Labour’s national embarrassment (one of many) Diane Abbott made the comment in response to the welcomed report that Boris Johnson’s government are responsibly seeking to embark on a crusade to safeguard democracy – something that the Labour Party undoubtedly fear will make it harder for their ballot-burgling associates such as Peterborough’s Tariq Mahmood to rig elections for them.

In stating that those who try to implement voter ID are “right-wing”, Abbot – in typical Abbott fashion – awkwardly (or perhaps conveniently) forgets that voter ID has already been rolled out by a British political party – LABOUR.

In 2002, under Tony Blair’s leadership, the Labour Party and its supporters welcomed whole-heartedly the introduction of the legal requirement to show ID at polling stations in Northern Ireland.

The Electoral Fraud (Northern Ireland) Act 2002 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which reformed the electoral system in Northern Ireland. The act amended the Representation of the People Act 1983 by strengthening the requirements in the electoral registration process and requiring photographic identification at polling stations. It has since proven hugely successful in tackling electoral fraud and reinforcing public confidence in the electoral process.

Within moments, members of the British public rained-down with anger and calls of hypocrisy towards the many Labour politicians condemning the new proposed measures, including Abbott and weak Sadiq Khan.

In the latest illogical argument against the introduction of voter ID, many have claimed that voter suppression will arise due to the “poor not being able to obtain ID to vote with” – despite this argument being instantly shot down by the fact that the new government proposals also include a pledge to provide ID’s for free to those who need them.

It seems that Labour and its democracy-deniers are simply fearful of Johnson’s latest move to outmanoeuvre those who try to steal the voices of the British electorate – and they have every reason to be.

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