EXCLUSIVE: Labour Candidate says ‘Boris Should Top Himself’, claims ‘Right-Wingers’ Started Grenfell

A LABOUR candidate recently exposed by this website for supporting the IRA and claiming that “terrorism brings peace” has come under fire yet again, after further shocking statements about Boris Johnson and Grenfell came to light.

Politicalite can exclusively reveal that Peterborough Labour candidate, Alan Gasparutti, who is a long-term leftie comrade and staunch Corbynista, made the comments a day after the Grenfell tragedy in which 72 people lost their lives in a fire caused by a faulty fridge freezer.

Gasparutti Pictured With Criminal Labour MP Fiona Onasanya

In his first rant, Gasparutti who is standing in the Peterborough local elections next month accused both the Tories and the “right wing” for starting the fire.

“Says it all about the right, good for nothing” Alan wrote through his Facebook account, “Apart from starting a fire, perhaps”. “You know all about sinking low” he then replied to the objections of a local resident, “Just like other Tories here, more concerned with digging an ever-bigger hole for yourself. Let me know when you’ve finished and I’ll cover it up. Then again, you know all about cover-ups, don’t you”.

The irate keyboard warrior, an employee of Huntingdon District Council, then went on to post a series of further deplorable comments, including an attack on Boris Johnson and a dead politician.

The politician in question, Welsh Labour’s Carl Seargeant, tragically committed suicide in late 2017 after a controversial disciplinary case, leaving behind a grieving widow and children.

“One MP had the dignity to commit suicide” Alan took to social media to scornfully post, “how about Boris doing the same? Or Fallon? Two faced Tories”.

The issue of rising suicide rates and the stigma attached to mental health has been a key issue of focus over recent years, with suicide being the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in England.




The cringe-worthy candidate couldn’t help but chomp on his own foot in yet another set of posts, each made in the Facebook group ‘Peterborough Politics UK’, going on to state that anyone opposed to abortion was “pro-rape, pro-pedophilia”, and disrespectfully claiming that the death of a late councillor through long-term health issues had in fact been caused by the local Tory party.

“This comment is vile” wrote one Facebooker in response to his false allegations, to which Gasparutti replied: “Go get the autopsy report then… I know a lot more than you realise”.






Huntingdon District Council, who Gasperutti works for told Politicalite “Employees must take responsibility and be mindful when posting on social media that posts are appropriate and will not bring the Council into disrepute, or breach their obligations under our Code of Conduct. As a result of these social media postings, and in line with our management policies, we have taken appropriate and proportionate action with the individual concerned.”

Politicalite approached Alan Gasparutti and the Labour Party’s Head Office and received no reply.


Gasparutti DEFENDED IRA and Claimed ‘Terrorists Bring Peace

A LABOUR councillor and candidate has been caught making shocking claims on social media in defence of the IRA and Hamas, Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

Peterborough Labour activist Alan Gasparutti, who is standing as a candidate in the local elections in Peterborough for the Labour Party, made the disgraceful comments after repeatedly refusing to condemn Hamas’ intentional murdering of innocent Israelian children.


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