Labour Member ROASTS “Sinister” Corbyn As Corbynites Win The Day In NEC Elections

JEREMY Corbyn consolidated his hold on the Labour Party yesterday as it was announced that all nine of the places up for election on its ruling NEC went to Corbynites.

In a sign of the times and the depressing reality of the mood of the Labour membership, Pete Willsman, kicked off the NEC and even too much for Momentum to stomach (he was removed from their slate) following a leaked recording of him ranting about the 68 rabbis who signed a letter calling for Labour to adopt the full International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance of antisemitism finding its way into the press was also returned by the membership to the NEC.

It was in this context I stumbled across this piece by Aliyah Saleem. Admittedly, it is from two years ago, around the time of the last attempted putsch against Corbyn following the Leave victory in the Brexit referendum, however, many of the observations it makes bear repeating. The fact the author is treated as a heretic for daring to speak out against Corbyn, she is branded a ‘Tory infiltrator’, really should not surprise anyone with even a passing familiarity with the culture and practices of the left when it comes to inner-Party democracy and free expression.

Aliyah, a woman who has exited Islam, speaks of how Corbyn’s ‘demand’ that respect be shown for “each other’s communities” made her feel “uncomfortable” as “governments in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Pakistan also demand that religion is respected.” She goes onto say: “What a lot of people fail to understand about anti-blasphemy protests is that the foundation upon which they stand is the continued oppression of people of Muslim heritage who dare to challenge the status quo – something which Corbyn is supposed to represent.”

Corbyn, she says is “hypocritical” for attacking the BBC when he worked for Press TV, the state-sanctioned and controlled only legal TV Channel in Iran. Nor is she surprised by Corbyn’s description of Hamas, a group which “kills apostates, homosexuals and dissidents as ‘friends’ “. She argues: “Corbyn is a living testament to how parts of the left are shackled to the Islamist right.” Well, quite.

Finally, she concludes:  I can’t help but find his grip on the leadership and the toxic backlash against elected Labour MPs who dare to challenge him sinister. It is indeed exceptionally sinister and even more disturbing though is the fact that this man wants us to hand him the keys to Number 10 and responsibility for the safety of the nation. However, before anyone even entertains such a notion they should read Saleem’s piece and ponder on what kind of man Mr Corbyn may well really be……

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