LABOUR: The Paedophile Connection

Few of us have heard of the Liberty Organisation; the direct link to the Labour Party’s murky past and its dabbling in pedophilia

SHAMI CHAKRABATI, the mouthpiece of Liberty, was always good for a quote on the BBC whenever it deemed the state was about to infringe someones Human Rights brought in under Tony Blair’s Labour Government.

Chakrabati eventually became ‘Lady’ Chakrabati and now advises the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn as a Shadow Minister for all things Human Rights.

Shami Chakrabarti.

However, an interesting thing about Liberty the organisation is that in earlier times they went by the name of the ‘National Council for Civil Liberties’, which granted affiliate status to another Civil Liberty group called PIE; an organisation that counted ex-Labour Minister and ex-interim Labour Leader Harriet Harman as one of its members and activists. So too was ex-Labour Health Minister Patricia Hewitt, who famously stated that it was “acceptable” to have sex with 10-year-olds.

PIE was an acronym for a group who called themselves “Paedophile Information Exchange”, and who in the 1970’s campaigned to have the age of consent lowered to allow for their pedophile tendencies to go unpunished by the law.

Now we’ve all heard of the shadowy group of paedophiles who supposedly run close to the heart of Government, and conspiracy theories abound that people like Jill Dando and even the late Princess of Wales were killed because they were about to spill the beans on the dark and twisted side to British politics; its dusty skeleton in the closet that could unravel the establishment once and for all.

Reporting on Labour’s CSE link.

Yet here we have Ms.Chakrabati who is at the heart of the Labour Party, which has had senior members like Harriet Harmon campaigning to lower the age of consent with PIE, and who have constituencies the length and breadth of the country where Pedophile grooming gangs have been allowed to flourish unchallenged due to the social marxism of political correctness, which has been enforced by groups like Liberty whilst using legislation brought in by Labour under Tony Blair’s government, and given airtime by the BBC which has been proven to harbor high profile pedophiles such as Jimmy Saville

Now is it me or are the Labour party, BBC, and Liberty, looking like a plethora of pedophile intent, as all fingers right now are pointing back to the same places?

Politicalite will soon be announcing our new grooming gang correspondent, as well as a new contributor who specializes in reporting on and exposing paedophillia within the Labour Party. Watch this space.

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