PURGE OF LABOUR BREXITEERS: Vauxhall Labour Passes ‘No Confidence’ Motion In Brexiteer Hoey

VAUXHALL Labour took a major step yesterday evening towards deselecting Brexiteer Kate Hoey.

The Labour MP has faced increasingly bitter criticism from her local Party over her unstinting support for Brexit. The General Committee of the local Labour Party passed a motion of censure against Hoey.

In the motion, which makes her ineligible for reselection, they Committee also call for the Labour Whip to be withdrawn from Ms Hoey. It criticises the Brexiteer for “reneging” on the Labour manifesto commitment to “oppose Theresa Mays Brexit”: “This CLP notes that in June 2017 Kate Hoey was elected on a manifesto which explicitly rejected Theresa May’s approach to Brexit and that she pledged in a letter to constituents that she endorsed Labour’s plans. 

This CLP censures Kate Hoey MP for repeatedly reneging on those commitments and ignoring the clearly stated views of her constituents and the national and local Labour Party.”

It goes on to attack her acting in a way that is ‘incompatible’ with Labours core beliefs and principles: “We believe that the accumulation of her actions and statements over the years, culminating in her supporting this reactionary Government and a Tory Brexit which will threaten jobs, peace in Northern Ireland and the future of the NHS, and undermine workers’ rights and environmental and other standards, cannot be deemed to be compatible with Labour’s core beliefs and values. Examples of this go far beyond her views on EU membership and include:

Working for Boris Johnson when he was London Mayor; chairing the Countryside Alliance and supporting fox hunting, despite representing an inner city constituency; supporting elitist grammar schools; attacking Labour’s ban on hand guns following the Dunblane massacre;  colluding with Nigel Farage, UKIP and the campaign during the referendum; failing to condemn the Breaking Point poster; acceptance of funds from Arron Banks (whose finances are currently under investigation); and her lack of endorsement or campaigning for official Labour candidates during the recent Council elections, instead openly praising Green Party candidates.”

Labours National Executive Committee will now consider whether there can be a ballot to deselect Ms Hoey.

Meanwhile, Frank Field will also face a similar motion later today. Birkenhead Constituency Labour Party will debate a motion calling for the “immediate” withdrawal” of the Labour Whip at 7.30pm. Clearly, Labour members are looking to effect a total purge of Brexiteer Labour MPs as it marches towards becoming a totally Remoaning Party.

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