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SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL: Labour Candidates Urged To ‘Make Up Stories’ To Smear Tory Rivals

LABOUR was embroiled in a shocking series of allegations yesterday after a ‘Fake News’ awayday in Nottinghamshire, where 60 potential parliamentary candidates were given a seminar on media training.

Numerous attendees have taken to the pages of the press to condemn the event and describe in graphic detail how participants were actively encouraged to smear their Tory rivals.

One person who attended the event told The Sunday Times: “We were told that it was all right to make up stories about our Tory opponents even if they were on the edge of legality.

“We were basically told we could say what we liked about them as long as it was on the right side of the law. 

“I was quite surprised, to say the least, and this certainly isn’t the way the party has previously operated or encouraged us to behave.”

However, even this basic standard of ethical probity seems to have been beyond Labour with another participant adding: “The suggestion was that you could use the media and social media to smear your opponents and that even if you had to later retract your claims the damage would already be done.

“It was even inferred that you should be prepared to brief against other Labour MPs.”

Certainly, members in Vauxhall and Birkenhead already seem to have learned this last lesson far too well. Time and time again we are seeing the true nature of Labour assert itself and come to the fore. So much for the ‘hug-a-hippy’ commitment to a kinder, gentler politics eh?

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