Peterborough Has FALLEN! Tories lose control of Council To Loony-Left

With the local elections having gone into the early hours across the U.K yesterday, Peterborough – after the recent national scandal involving its now-ousted MP – was firmly under the microscope.

Not only was the result there expected to be perhaps an indicator of the national trend, but it also happens to be one of the most closely-contested seats in the country, with Comrade Corbyn’s Fiona only beating the incumbent Tory MP of 12 years, Staunch Brexiteer Stewart Jackson, by a mere 607 votes.

Despite the conviction scandal however, with the general attitude of voters towards Theresa May’s handling of Brexit having soured of late, there was no telling whether the Tories – leading with just a small majority in the City Council – would be able to grasp on to power and weather the storm, or if the City would fall to Labour’s far-left socialists and to some of the unsavory candidates who have recently been exposed by Politicalite for having made various anti-Semitic and terrorist-sympathizing statements on social media.

The fate of the City now rested in the voter’s hands. 

Before the vote, the political power share in Peterborough was divided into 31 seats held by the Conservatives, 14 by Labour, 7 Lib Dem, 3 Werrington First, 1 UKIP, 1 Green and 1 LibDem. 2 seats sat vacant.

With the votes finally counted at around 12.30pm, the announcements came in thick and fast, shocking everyone.

Labour campaigners celebrating their win in Peterborough last night

The Tories, who took control in 2018, lost three seats to Labour, one to the Lib Dems and one to the Greens, but also gained one from Labour.

Labour also took UKIP’s only seat on the council as well as one seat from the Lib Dems, who gained a seat from the Tories. UKIP no longer have any Councillors in Peterborough, despite their Councillors always being respected locally for their hard-work and approach-ability.

Former Tory Mayor of Peterborough Mr John Peach, a long-serving Councillor, was arrogantly booed and jeered at by the usual mob of aggressive Labour members. Mr Peach pushed Labour’s Ikra Yasin close but missed out on the chance to regain his seat in local Park Ward

Ian Hardman (Lib Dem) – 151

John Peach (Conservative) – 1,343

Fiona Radic (Green) – 184

Ikra Yasin (Labour) – 1,473

The key seat of Central Ward in Peterborough is a hot-bed of vote-riggers and activists working for the goals of the Labour Party, with numerous prison sentences resulting in recent years, one, even, for the former Labour Peterborough City Mayor, Mohammed Choudhary. The irregular election results for that Ward last night, as always, raised many suspicious eyebrows, with numerous accusations of foul play.

Mohammed Jamil (Labour) – 1,727

Jeff Lipscomb (UKIP) – 159

Nick Penniall (LibDem) – 184

Khazar Suleman (Conservative) – 840

Steve Willson(Green) – 208

Imprisoned for electoral fraud; Tariq Mahmood (left), Fiona Onasanya (Right)

Another Ward that saw questionable voting patterns that have since also creating accusations of potential electoral fraud (as is not uncommon in the area), is East Ward, where Dr. Shabina Qayyum, whom Politicalite exposed earlier this month for having links to a holocaust denier and for implying that women are inferior to men, went on to win the seat for Labour with the help of a shady entourage. w


CandidateDescription (if any)Number of votes
AIREY AlexGreen Party183
CLARK Stuart JamesLiberal Democrats218
IKRAM MuhammadThe Conservative Party Candidate763
QAYYUM Shabina AsadLabour Party1086 (E)


As Peterborough began to sway, it was reminded of it’s neighbor still remaining a threat waiting to spill over.

In Cambridge, Labour held on to the council. It held all the nine seats it was defending and the Lib Dems gained a seat, taking the Market ward from the Greens.

Labour gained three seats and the Liberal Democrats two, with the Greens also taking a second seat.

The surge to the left could be credited to national anger at Theresa May, the fact that the Labour Party in Peterborough has a proven track record of electoral fraud, or perhaps a mixture of the two. But whatever the reason, it sends a stark message back to Government about the creeping shadow of socialism approaching to engulf Britain. If here, in Peterborough, despite it recently producing the first MP to wear a police tag in the House of Commons, and despite the frequent revelations of corruption and electoral fraud, antisemitism, and terrorist-sympathizing within the Peterborough Labour Branch; voters would STILL be prepared to vote for local Labour dominance.

The end result (Number of seats held by party overall as of April 5 2019):

Liberal Democrat9
Werrington First3

This also sends a message to pro-Brexit parties and to others across the U.K., that the fight against socialism can’t be won by factions. The people of Britain are looking for one single party to put their faith in. And so far, unless the Conservatives and a perhaps a new, strong center-right party emerges, the likes of Labour will continue to grow swiftly in influence and the people of this country will see negative changes on a scale it hasn’t experienced before. 

A by-Election for the MP seat of Peterborough, left vacant by Onasanya, is scheduled for June. Meanwhile, unless the local Tory Party can negotiate a coalition, Labour might enter into a coalition with the Libdems and the Green Party. Politicalite will continue to provide updates as the story develops.

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