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BORDER FARCE: Illegals Get 100% OFF Food and Drink Upon Arrival #EatOutToHelpOut

MORE than 230 illegal migrants crossed the channel reaching British shores on Thursday, with one boatload arriving on a British beach. 

The illegals were also enrolled in Dishy Rishi Sunak’s more exclusive Eat Out To Help Out scheme, only these folks get 100% off food, tea and coffee upon arrival, before being ferried to luxury hotels across the UK, all on YOU, the taxpayer! 

Independent reporter Steve Laws was at Dover again today and told Politicalite that he lost count after more than 120 crossed the channel. 

“I lost count after 120. A lot of women and children today.”

He also said there were more women and children on Thursday and that “Some [migrants] come over in rubber dinghys like the kids beach ones.” 

Border cops also welcomed migrants to Dover with free cups of tea and loaded them onto coaches headed for luxury hotels across the South of England, all at the expense of the hard-up British taxpayer. 


POLICE in Dover caused controversy Thursday after arresting a concerned citizen journalist who filmed illegal migrants being loaded onto coaches paid for by the British taxpayer.

The coaches are said to be headed for luxury hotels across the South of England were illegal migrants that have crossed the channel are put up at the expense of the British taxpayer. 

A Citizen journalist going by the name of Active Patriot was in Dover today and was filming the on-going crisis. 

An eyewitness also at the scene told Politicalite that Active Patriot was told not to film the migrants in a Dover car-park close to the port, but he still filmed the migrants despite Police warnings and Immigration Police responded. 

The citizen journalist is heard in a video posted online saying: “I’m showing the world what is going on mate.” 

The officer responds: “I think the world knows.” 

“Do they really? They don’t know what extent, though do they?” Active Patriot responds. 

He appears to be asked to leave the area and AP responds: “I’m in a public carpark sir.” 

The officer responds by claiming AP is being arrested for “tresspassing” the officer later arrests the journalist and accusing him of “breaching the peace.” 

The officer then appears to use force to arrest the citizen journalist who complains that his hands are hurting, and the officer is heard on camera saying” “Give me your arm, or I’ll put you on the ground”. 

Lady Hoey who was just made a Lord in the Upper House of Parliament took to Twitter to slam Kent Police branding the arrest “Shocking”. 

She wrote: “Whatever your views on the migrant situation arresting someone for simply filming what is happening is shocking.”

“The taxpayer is paying for the coaches and the hotels and the Border force and this should all be in the news every night filmed by the MSM @pritipatel


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