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7 Reasons Students Need to Follow Political News

ACCORDING to numerous experts, the relationships between politics and young people have always been quite complex and problematic.

Students are often seen at the forefront of some major movements, yet they are the group that often disengages politically. According to the 2022 Harvard Youth Poll, the increase in youths’ disbelief in politics is growing stronger:

● 36% of them believe that “political involvement has no tangible results”;

● 42% state that their votes make no difference;

● 56% agree that these days, “politics are no longer able to meet the challenges the US is facing”.

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Despite such a strong confrontation, one thing is clear – the participation of youth in politics is crucial for every country and humanity in general. Young people are the future leaders and voters. They are the ones who will continue making a change. So the fact that they either don’t want to waste their resources on this or simply are not interested is a big problem.

On the one hand, students have a lot on their plates already. 100% of their time is busy with lectures, studies, and homework. On top of that, they are expected to socialize, participate in extracurriculars, and work. Needless to say, they simply have no time or energy to bother about politics. On the other hand, youth can always find someone to ask “please, write my research papers”, delegate their assignments to professionals, and get more free time. And it would be great if they use this free time to, at least, follow political news. Read on and we will give you the top seven reasons why it should matter to you!

1. To Stay Informed

First and foremost, keeping up with the news is all about staying informed. Knowing what is happening in the political world is essential for understanding current events. And this applies not only to events in your country but all across the world too.

Staying updated on things like this can help students understand the issues and events that shape their lives and the world around them. As a result, you will be more adapted to living in the modern world. On top of that, you will be able to make more informed decisions to improve your own life.

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2. To Form Opinions

Another big reason to follow political news is to develop your own opinions. Whenever there are certain issues or events going on in the world, you will know about them and will be able to form objective stances on them.

This will also help you develop stronger critical thinking skills. You will learn how to grasp the core concepts, analyze them, and form opinions. As a result, advanced critical thinking will lead you to better interpersonal, financial, and business outcomes.

3. To Learn About the World

Politics is a very extensive field. It’s always affected by a number of external factors, which is why such news is often global in scope. And, thus, it can help you discover the whole world without a hassle.

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Keeping up with things that are going on globally, you will learn about different countries, cultures, and perspectives. This can significantly expand your future horizons. And it can also lead to a better understanding of the world in general.

4. To Prepare for Civic Engagement

You might not feel this right now, while in college. However, we all live in a society and have to engage with it in one way or another. From voting to participating in social events – all these things make you an engaged citizen and help you build a better society around you. However, it’s impossible to become an active citizen without being knowledgeable about politics.

Keeping up with the news is essential for anyone who wants to participate in their society’s life. By doing so, you will become better equipped to participate in the democratic process and make informed decisions that will impact your life and the lives of the people who surround you.

5. To Understand the Impact of Policies

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You might not be interested in it. Still, politics have a huge impact on every individual and society as a whole. The things that are going on in your local and global governments shape your life today and in the future. The new laws and policies affect all spheres of your life, from education to taxes. And the only way to understand how it all impacts you is to stay well-informed.

Following the news can help students understand the impact that policies and laws have on them. This can help them become more aware of the pressing social issues and how they can be addressed.

6. To Prepare for Future Careers

This might not be obvious, but following the news will also make you better prepared for the future. Many careers, such as those in law, journalism, and many other fields, require a deep understanding of political issues and current events.

If you start observing them early on, this can help you get better prepared for these types of careers. As a result, you will have higher chances of landing your dream job after graduation.

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7. To Exercise Their Rights

In a democratic society, citizens have a number of rights. These include the right to freely express their opinions, participate in the political process, the right to form and join clubs, and many others. Knowing about these rights and exercising them is a way to have high-quality life now and in the future. And that’s the last reason to start following the news right now.

By being aware of political news, you will learn about your rights. As a result, you will get an opportunity to exercise these rights and feel more protected overall.

The Bottom Line

Although the relationships between students and politics have always been complicated, it’s important to start changing this now. The disbelief and disinterest of young people in politics can hold us back from building a better future. What’s more, not keeping up with the news, can have a number of negative effects on you personally.

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Luckily, now you know about some of the biggest reasons to stay well-informed at all times. Start right now to change your life!



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