A GOLDEN ROYAL GAFFE: You’re Not A Leftist If You Moaned About That Bloody Piano

CHRISTMAS, that wonderful time of year when you splash cash you don’t have on family members you try to avoid for 364 days of the year, somehow – the festive magic turns even the most bitter of family rivals into best friends, for at least a day anyway. 

Brothers and Brother’s-in-Laws meeting for a pre-Xmas day pint to settle feuds, sons and step-dads calling truces and sitting around a paste table with a cloth on – just so Mum doesn’t have to declare ‘It’s one day! just get along’ – but most of Britain refused to call a Christmas truce on Queen Liz’s Golden Piano – whilst calling for us all to ‘pull together’ in this difficult time and I was one – and millions of hard-up working-class families across the Nation thought the same.

“Nothing says Christmas 2018 like a billionaire sitting in front of a gold piano telling us all to pull together through this difficult time” went viral on my Facebook feed moments after the 3 pm Christmas Day broadcast, And damn, It was a true and funny observation.

Most Brits love the Royal Family – but that doesn’t mean they won’t call out the ridiculousness of the image that was beamed upon us whilst at the same time Millions were on the streets suffering Tory cuts to public services – leaving charities to hire out The Hilton to house a few of the many homeless in Hull.

It was no surprise that Remoaner Sky News produced the Christmas message – and as always, they were out of touch with Britain during this difficult time.

Taking a look at past Christmas messages, during the tough times of the 1980s and the early 90s, the Queen’s Christmas message included no grand piano’s or opulent surroundings it was a simple set up – the broadcast was about the message – not the surroundings.

You don’t have to be a leftist to observe the opponent ridiculousness of Queenies golden Piano – but maybe next year hand the production back to the Beeb or ITN.

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