ALT NEWS CRACKDOWN: Alex Jones and InfoWars CENSORED by Apple, Facebook and YouTube

RIGHT-WING Fireband Alex Jones has been silenced by tech giants Facebook, YouTube and Apple.

Prior to this Youtube shut his personal account and Media platform known as InfoWars.

No matter what you think to Alex Jones, there is no denying the conspiracy about Bohemian Grove in which Alex Jones, a young more agile Alex Jones, snook into the wood’s and recorded what would be breakthrough footage of a secret, rather odd cult involving world leaders.

He is a conspiracy theorist and a bizarre one at that, he’s deemed “far right” which in my opinion why he has been shut down, he was continually shedding the light of the paedophile problems in Hollywood, interviewed Tommy Robinson (obviously far right, right?) and spoke very highly of Globalisation.

Globalisation in theory and in the conspiracy is the taking over of 3rd world country employing a puppet any means necessary, in short-term causing wars and putting boots on the ground “Weapons of Mass Destruction” “9/11 Terrorist attacks” or “Chemical attacks”

Free Speech is very important, whether questioning political views, race views, religious views, conspiracy views or which goalkeeper has been the worst Hart or Robinson, woooaa paulie paulie , a heated discussion with no fire is fun, educating and entertaining, Alex Jones is entertaining, his passion for the subjects he talks about is second to none.

He was outraged when America, UK and France attacked a Syrian “chemical facility” The reason his media brand Info Wars has been highly successful is because it is deemed alternative media, Donald Trump has exposed the USA mass media giants as fake news many times so you can’t blame them, Jones did, in fact, have an interview with Trump not long after he had been president and spoke on Info Wars, that shows you the success of this rival Media company.

Paul Joseph Watson who is the Editor at Large of InfoWars still has his YouTube account active.

Controversial Subjects do need shedding light on, it’s easy to think of something as a conspiracy because your brain won’t allow you to accept bad things are happening, but when a journalist is shedding light on these things, they shouldn’t be blocked from platforms by social media giants, the successful #FreeTommy campaign was the start of a win for alternative media.

We can’t keep shutting down, arresting and forgetting about Alt Journalists whether it is right wing or left wing views, when there are massive problems in society and people get offended because of a conspiracy or a view on the human race and it’s acts of pure evil, then the problem has won.

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