ANNE MARIE WATERS: Peterborough – The New Tower Hamlets?

THREE years ago, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said the government was in a “state of denial” regarding electoral fraud.1 He also accused authorities of turning a blind eye to this fraud thanks to our old friend political correctness. The problem was that much of the fraud was taking place in areas with a high Muslim population, or to be more specific, “communities of Pakistani and Bangladeshi background”.

Pickles’ investigation was the result of a scandal in the heavily Muslim populated Tower Hamlets in East London. This involved Lutfur Rahmen, who was re-elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets in 2014, only to be removed from office in 2015 for vote-rigging. The judge in Rahmen’s case warned of “postal voting factories”, and it is in postal voting where most of the corruption takes place.

Rahmen attending the count room for the election he and his associates rigged in London’s Tower Hamlets.

Fast forward to 2019 and Labour wins a Parliamentary by-election in Peterborough, surprisingly beating the Brexit Party by 683 votes. Allegations of electoral fraud soon followed, and given the history of the Labour Party in Peterborough, these allegations are not hard to believe.

Tariq Mahmood, Maqbool Hussein, and Mohammed Choudhary were jailed in 2008 for a forgery scheme aimed at fabricating votes in the Peterborough city elections in 2004. This year, Mahmood was back campaigning for Labour’s newest MP Lisa Forbes, just as he had for the previous Labour MP (also jailed) Fiona Onasanya. Allegations of intimidation, postal vote fraud, and vote-buying surround both elections; the intimidation apparently by “gangs of Pakistani men”.2

Labour activists, including Tariq Mahmood, celebrate the highly suspicious 2019 Labour win in Peterborough.

None of this should come as any surprise. Across the country, Labour is dominated by Muslims, who are promoted without question and despite often having dubious backgrounds. That they are Muslims is good enough for Labour. Now with the extreme hard-Left dominating the party since Corbyn became leader, anti-Semitic and anti-Western voices have been emboldened, and Muslims are taking full advantage.

This is not a minor issue. Islamic activists are rising to power, via Labour, and instituting rules and regulations that can only be described as sharia compliant. There are several examples, but one issue that comes up again and again is halal slaughter, and Muslims are disallowing any action to be taken to prevent it.

Criminal Labour MP’s Fiona Onasanya and Lisa Forbes pose for victory photos with their key campaign team member, fraudster Tariq.

Earlier this year, the National Secular Society reported that Kirklees Council in the north of England had been prevented from debating the provision of non-stunned halal meat to schools by Labour Muslim council leader Shabir Pandor.3 The council was supplying non-stunned meat to 43 schools. Pandor would later tweet: “I’m closing the debate on halal at full council. Diversity is our strength. Those questioning our provision of halal don’t have animal welfare at heart. They have targeted sections of the community which had caused fear. Our policy on halal will remain in place.”

For Britain Leader, Anne Marie Waters.

It’s clear then. A Muslim can close down debate on halal, and matter of factly state that objections are not about animal welfare at all, but about picking on poor victimised and marginalised Muslims (i.e. a veiled accusation of racism).

This is Labour through and through, and it will only get worse. Who is to say that objections to FGM or child marriage will not meet the same fate in the future? If we continue as we are, they will. Non-Muslims will not be allowed to object to anything that is sanctioned by Islam, and Islamic dominance across our society will be the result.

We have got to stop Labour in its tracks, and one way to do it is to prevent the electoral fraud that the party so relies on. As a starting point, the election in Peterborough should be re-run under strict and unbiased supervision. Secondly, we must end postal voting. For Britain proposes that only those who are disabled, too elderly to attend the ballot station, or are legitimately out of the country on the day of vote, should be permitted to vote by post.

Brother Tariq’ as he is known by local Muslim Labour activists, out campaigning with Comrade Corbyn and Lisa Forbes.

Furthermore, houses with suspicious numbers of registered voters must be investigated by police, and voters should produce valid identification upon presentation at the ballot box.

None of this is controversial and should be carried out as standard. Labour objects to such measures of course, and it isn’t a mystery as to why that’s the case.

Perhaps most importantly of all, Labour voters across its heartlands need to know and understand that the Labour party of their parents and grandparents no longer exists. It is now a party of radical anti-Semites, Islamists, and the anti-West extreme Left. Labour must be removed from office up and down the land if we are to have any chance of saving our democracy. Electoral law must be applied and people must be jailed for infringements.

It can no longer be denied; our society is corrupt, our system is being usurped, and our people are being denied their voice. Political revolution is therefore coming, and For Britain intends to be at its heart.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. skipper

    June 14, 2019 at 06:05

    Britain is lost to islam, as is most of Europe!

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