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Anti-migration posters found INSIDE EU Parliament branding MEPs ‘CRIMINALS’

ANTI-MIGRANT posters have been found inside the EU Parliament and MEPs are outraged.

A source inside the EU parliament told Politicalite that a number of MEPs have complained about posters calling them ‘criminals’ for EU policies on immigration.

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A number of the posters had already been torn down just hours after appearing.

They have appeared in lifts, hallways and notice boards around the interior of the building, just yards from the central voting room.

The posters read: ‘BEWARE: Criminals operating in this building. Wanted for: The betrayal of European people, the rape of Germany, the theft of sovereignty, the drowning of refugees, working with smugglers, the spreading of lies, forced censorship, terror in France and the sabotage of Brexit.’

Early this afternoon a crowd of MEPs and staff gathered around one of the posters, audibly tutting and complaining about their right wing sentiment.

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The posters refer to a number of issues raised throughout Europe such as the thousands of refugees drowned in the mediterranean sea, encouraged to make the perilous journey by NGOs and the left wing MEPs who support them.

There have also been soaring numbers of high profile rape cases committed by migrants in Germany.

The posters encourage passers-by to attend Lauren Southern’s ‘Crisis Meeting’ this Thursday, an event she is hosting inside the parliament building to discuss EU policy regarding the continent’s borders.

Janice Atkinson, a European member of parliament praised the posters and said ‘We’re beginning to expose the extremists in the EU Parliament. The message to the Commission and the liberal left MEPs who have flooded our countries with migrants with no recourse or apology to the voters, your days are numbered.’

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim R

    29 January 2019 at 22:13

    What is “right wing” about anything stated in the poster? These morons, an accurate description given their inability to think, are pre-programmed to trot out this nonsense in response to anything that doesn’t fit their worldview without being able to define what this “right wing” actually is or why it is wrong or undesirable. Well, happy to be “right wing”.

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