BABES4BREXIT: “Remainers Are A Turn-Off” Milanna Tells Politicalite

“THEY need to just get on with Brexit” says the newest member to join Politicalite’s ‘Babes4Brexit’, 24-year-old Milanna. The brunette bombshell from London staunchly campaigned for Britain to leave the EU in 2016’s referendum, stating her main reasons as being concerns over mass immigration and sovereignty.

Milanna, who is currently studying criminology and does adult modelling in her spare time, said: “I love people; all people. But Britain’s becoming overcrowded and there’s a massive lack of integration, which is only getting worse”.

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Politicalite’s Milanna.

“”I also think that we should be independent – in everything. Millions of people died to keep us independent. The least we can do is to carry that on”.

Milanna is such a devout Brexiteer that she has even ended relationships over the big Brexit debate.

“I was dating this one guy who was nice enough” she told us. “But all he ever did was moan about Brexit and had bought into all the lies and crap on the BBC.”

“In the end, I couldn’t put up with it any more. You’d have thought the world was ending, listening to him whinge like a baby all day. Remainers are a huge turn-off to me”.

“He was good in bed at first. But after all the whining and banging on about the EU, in the end I couldn’t see him as sexy any more so had to show him the door.”

When asked who she wanted to be the next Prime Minister, Milanna told us: “No-one. They’re all a shower of sh*t. Ant and Dec would do a better job than most of those clowns.”

“I think I’d even do a better job of delivering Brexit myself” she added. “In fact, f*ck it; I’m going for it”.

Politicalite don’t do elections. But if we did, they’d probably be the best in the world.


Follow Milanna on Instagram: missmilanna123 or join her fansite:

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