BAD CHEQUE-RS: Corbyn’s ‘Homeless’ PR Stunt Won’t Help The Poor… A Strong British Economy Will Under Brexiteer Boris


MAD Marxist Jeremy Corbyn will destroy hundreds of years of British Prime Ministerial prestige and power if he wins the General Election on December 12th, and SELL OFF Chequers, it is claimed.

The Labour leader said he is “trying to work out the ownership of the Prime Minister’s country residence” after revealing Wednesday that he would consider relinquishing the 16th-century residence thats hosted Presidents and Queens in its history.

Chequers was gifted a century ago to whoever holds the office of prime minister to allow them a place to retreat from the bustle of Downing Street.

On a visit to Peterborough on Thursday morning, Mr Corbyn was asked if he is planning to give the Chiltern Hills retreat to a homeless family.

“I’m not even sure who owns Chequers actually because I’m trying to work that out. I’ve never been there. I don’t know what the place is like,” the Labour leader said.

In another crazed move, the Marxist Chancellor John McDonnell suggested he could offer the Number 11 Downing Street flat to a homeless family if he becomes chancellor.

Why one Homeless family? isn’t that Elitism? what about the millions of struggling Homeless folk across Britian? Homeless due to years of both Tory and Labour failures (remember Labour failed to build new council homes in their thirteen years of power, too.) Did McDonnel and Corbyn lobby for reform within their party in government when it wasn’t positive for spin or PR?

Nope. Of course they diddn’t.

Corbyn & Co grew up in extreme priveledge, and Corbyn lived in a mansion when he was a kid… don’t let yourself be a pawn to Corbyn’s crazed Communist dream that would destroy Britian and its history.

They don’t care about the working-classes. If they did they would back the working-class vote for Brexit and wouldn’t be plotting another referendum if they win power.

Working-classes or the homeless don’t want country estates, they need secure jobs, a decent wage and a growing economy that provides that.

Working classes don’t want handouts, they want to work hard and provide for their families.

Boris Johnson will make put the GREAT back into Britain, Corbyn will only diminish ours, and your status even more.

Additional Reporting by PA Media

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