BBC interviews terror supporting councillor for response to Newcastle grooming


BBC News is under fire for interviewing a TERROR SUPPORTING councillor for his response to the Muslim grooming gang trial in Newcastle.

Cllr Dipu Ahad said on the BBC’s flagship Six O’ Clock News that:

“people should not be telling the Asian community how to live their lives or what to do – that’s just like saying to the White community that we should be talking about what Jimmy Saville did.”

But if the researchers at BBC News had done their jobs, one quick search on Google would’ve brought up this mans unscrupulous past.

But hey, that’s what Politicalite is here for… shall we begin?

In 2015, the Labour councillor refused to apologise to Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) for posting an image of ISIS fighters waving the club’s emblem on Twitter.

He posted a photo-shopped image on Twitter and Facebook of Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) fighters holding the Premier League team’s crest.

He then went on to claim he was being targeted because he was a Muslim…

“As a Muslim who’s in politics, I feel as though I’m constantly targeted and made a scapegoat, not only by the far right but by many others.”
-Cllr Dipu Ahad

(No Cllr, we just don’t like idiots in Politics.)

Even worse than that, the Cllr was ARRESTED, BLINDFOLDED AND BEATEN in Isreal after supporting terror groups in Gaza.

On a ‘peace’ trip to Palestine, he was arrested by Israel Defense Forces and says he was handcuffed, blindfolded, hit with guns and denied food and water as he languished in custody in the baking heat.

Dipu Ahad also claimed soldiers kicked him on an injured ankle and took ‘selfies’ of themselves with him despite his distress.

He said after asking for water, a cup was put to his lips and then withdrawn as he tried to take a drink and was then mocked by his captors.

After 10 hours he was eventually released without charge. Even then his ordeal hadn’t ended as on his way back to Newcastle he was separated from the group at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and was subjected to what he described as an “aggressive” interrogation before being allowed to fly home.

So, we ask the BBC, If we were able to find all this out within 10 minutes of his broadcast on the six o clock news, why couldn’t you? What the HELL do we pay you for?

Cllr Dipu Ahad said “people should not be telling the Asian community how to live their lives or what to do- that’s just like saying to the White community that we should be talking about what Jimmy Saville did.

In the astonishing remarks likely to shock and anger BBC viewers, the Cllr goes on to say that “We should use religion, particularly Islam to educate these people”

Really? Should we be using this archaic religion to educate potential paedophiles?

Hey, Dipu, normal people KNOW the difference between rape and consensual sex, they don’t need to be educated into knowing what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.

Why didn’t the BBC interview the families of the victims? or the people actually affected by the crimes? No, they decided to make sure relations with the Muslim community weren’t damaged by the crimes of the community itself.

Yes, the News service we pay for is more interested in keeping the peace than actually reporting the news.

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