BELLY OF THE MARXIST BEAST: Lauren Southern Tells Eurocrats “Nobody Wins” From Migration Madness

LAUREN Southern has addressed the European Parliament for the second time, much to her surprise.

She addressed the Parliament outlining her work in journalism and has “deliberately avoided” a “in-your-face troll-style of politics”. Intentionally, she has pivoted her career to the “pursuit of understanding”. Issues around immigration and culture are not fairly reported in the mainstream media so it is here, like many in the alternative media, she has turned her focus too.

However, admittedly, she focused on commonplace and heartbreaking tales of “cultural destruction”. Borderless, her latest documentary, is a story of a system where “nobody wins”, not the native Europeans and not even the migrants themselves. She explained that she wants to be “compassionate” and the last thing she wants is to see Western nations “arbitrarily turn people away”.

Our compassion may be endless but a nation’s resources are not. So, the reality of unlimited migration fails to live up to the idealism of the current system and beyond the exhaustion of finite resources, the cost of “cultural degradation” is even higher and just as, if not more, devastating. Good times come and go but, she asked, “what happens when no one on your street can speak your language?”

Violent symptoms like the increase of rape and the threat from Islamist terrorism are the tip of an iceberg with, under the surface, deeper, “insidious” changes being just as menacing. Attitudes to issues such as women’s rights, gay rights, even democracy itself are being unduly affected by these underlying cultural shifts and we are blinded to them by our “desire to be compassionate”, Southern argues.

Europe, and indeed the entirety of the West, have lost its way through practising “compassion without understanding”, she said. Truth is an “afterthought”. She made Borderless to discover what the “plain truth” without the “rose-tinted spectacles”. What she uncovered was a “deeper and more complex” truth than she imagined to be the case.

Despite her obvious compassion for the migrant’s hope and aspirations to seek a better life in Europe, she told the Parliament she would not stand and insist that they had an automatic right to do so. Refugees are refugees, migrants are not, “our resources are limited, our processing abilities are limited and we must prioritise those who can positively identify themselves as refugees,” Southern said. Politicians who say refugees are welcome do a “disservice” to the people they purport to care about by encouraging them to come to a Europe that cannot sustain them.

Ultimately, the only group of people that profit from the current system are the traffickers.

You can watch the full speech here.

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