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BOLD AND THE BRANDY: New York’s  ‘sophisticated and perfect’ scent stars are talking about 

BRANDY fragrance is a scent worn by some of America’s biggest stars, and one famous dancer and martial artist Rasta Thomas has praised the scent. 

The “Bad Boys of Dance” founder from San Francisco said: “Brandy is magic and everyone loves it”.

“My career as a professional dancer has taken me around the world and at the end of the day nothing smells better than Brandy”

“Sophisticated and perfect, Brandy simply can’t be beat”

Founder of the scent Patricia Namm revealed;“The apple, peach and herbs fragrance is unique in that it’s worn by women and men.”

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The fragrance reflects the prestige of the equestrian world. 

“I made the original batch of BRANDY and then it was developed and formulated into a fine fragrance by a renown French perfumer.”

Since 1997 BRANDY has been a hit and has been lauded in countless magazines and newspapers in the US, UK, Germany, Poland and Japan because of the beautiful scent and story. Newsweek, In Style, Horse & Hound, the NY Times, and so many others.

Notable BRANDY wearers include not just those in the horse world but actors, singers and dancers, too.

Dame Judi Dench, Christine Goerke and Varna gold medal winner Rasta Thomas wear BRANDY. “Many also tell us that BRANDY is great to wear in the office since it puts the boss in a better mood.”

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Beverly Johnson, Supermodel said: “I like BRANDY – because it reminds me of sweet summer memories.”

Dame Judi Dench, Oscar Winner, “Beautiful perfume.”

Dallas Morning News, “Now BRANDY eau de toilette has become something of a scent-sation.

Patrick Neas, Kansas City Star, said, “That is the best smelling perfume I’ve EVER smelled in my life and I really raved about it on the air.”


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