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BOLTON Vs BLADES: Group Launched To Stop Knife Crime After Tragic Killing – EXCLUSIVE

A GROUP including a self-described ex-criminal, a local Councillor and a Youth Worker have launched an anti-knife crime group and campaign in Bolton, England following the fatal stabbing of Tyrone Williamson, and others in the town.

The group called ‘Stop Knife Crime Bolton’ or ‘SKC’ for short has members who are selflessly trying to raise awareness of the effects of knife crime, which is blighting dozens of towns and cities across the UK, including Bolton – despite the risks associated.

The group says it has collected over 36 knives, blades and even an Axe in under 30 days and has launched its first Amnesty Bin.

Credit: Stop Knife Crime Bolton
Credit: Stop Knife Crime Bolton

They are using social media to spread the message: “Stop Knife Crime” and have even placed the towns first Amnesty Knife Bin in Kearsley, (BL4 8QL) – and plan to install more Amnesty Bins across the town.

Credit – Stop Knife Crime Bolton

Just as this article was going to print – a suspected knife tragedy struck once again in Bolton Town Centre with two people known to the group allegedly being stabbed – with one person said to be fighting for their lives in hospital.

Credit: The Bolton News
Credit: The Bolton News

Due to the risks associated; all members of the group do not use their real names across social media and instead use their middle names to protect themselves and their children.

A spokesperson for the group told Politicalite that the fight began, along with Youth Workers and a local Councillor in a bid to protect more Boltonians being affected by knife crime and have now grown the group to nine volunteers, up from four thirty days ago.

“James” – who described himself as an ex-criminal looking for a change told Politicalite: “I have been on the straight and narrow for two years now.”

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“About 12 years ago I lost my friend Cody Turner to knife crime. He died at 17 by a 10″ Blade, then we lost a young local lad called Reece Tansey last year, he was 15 and he also unfortunately died.”

Father of Cody Turner petitions the Ministry of Justice to stop Cameron  Schofield from being transferred to open prison | The Bolton News
Cody Turner’s father Paul Turner (Left) and Cody (Right) – Credit: Carina Crolla Photography

“Then the icing on the cake for myself was my friend Tyrone Williamson – who was killed in December.”

“That it was made me set all this up.”

“We have had enough of losing people close to home now.”

“Our mission is to try and reduce knife crime as much as we can, unfortunately here in Bolton its the norm for us its not something we are shocked at because we see it on a daily basis.”

“We are hoping to collect one item a day and look to opening a youth centre for our younger generation as Bolton doesn’t have anything like that.”

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“This means our kids are roaming the streets and think they need weapons to survive.”

James added: “We know that this is not an overnight thing, but want to eventually take our campaign across the North West and hopefully Nationwide to make our country great again and get as many weapons of the street as we can.”

The group called on politicians and local MPs to create tougher sentences for those who carry knives in a bid to slow the rise of knife crime, and save more lives.

More follows.

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