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BORDER FARCE: UK Protection Ships SIT IDLE Miles Away From Dover Crisis

BORDER Force ships that could be used to curtail the Dover migrant crisis are sitting MILES away from the crisis centre, it has been claimed. 

The Sun revealed that two Border Force cutters are sitting idle in a habour miles away from were they are needed. 

The ships called HMC Protector and HMC Searcher are sitting in a Harbour in Suffolk, while thousands of migrants reach British shores to claim benefits and be housed in four-star hotels across the country. 

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The ships have not moved “for weeks” whilst the number of illegals has risen sharply.

A Border Force source told The Sun: “It’s a disgrace that you’ve got hundreds of migrants arriving each week and two of the cutters are sat 140 miles away.

“There’s never any activity near the vessel at all from what I can tell.”

‘They’re just sat there’

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“They’re just sat there. It seems ridiculous when record numbers of migrants are crossing. What a waste of use and also money.”

“People are screaming ‘get the navy down to the channel’ but maybe if Border Force were there in full-force then something would happen. Surely it’d make sense to have these ready in Dover where they keep arriving.”

“Surely Border Force should be using all of its resources to stop these crossings – especially after that poor migrant died the other day.”



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