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Boris to give Mrs May her only chance to emulate Thatcher with ‘Geoffrey Howe’ speech

THERESA May is facing a dramatic day in the commons today and it could be the start of the Remainer PM’s downfall. 

Failed May narrowly avoided a defeat in parliament at the hands of Tory remainers yesterday, but now she faces even more danger.

Yesterday’s bittersweet victory required May to gain the votes of four pro-Brexit Labour MPs who backed the government in defiance of Corbyn’s instructions.

Today she will face the music from MPs during PMQs (Prime Ministers Questions) before appearing in front of a parliamentary committee, and then leading a pivotal Conservative Party meeting.

Boris Johnson, who resigned over May’s Brexit plan along with Brexit Secretary, David Davis last week is reportedly planning a hard-hitting speech following PMQs later today. 

The speech is being billed as a “Geoffrey Howe” type takedown. 

The Conservatives are fighting their biggest civil war since the 1990s when the Party killed off their biggest Election winner in history, Margaret Thatcher over Europe. 

In the early 1990s Pro-EU Tories hatched a plan to remove the Iron Lady from office over her disdain for Europe, which was epitomized in her famous ‘No!, No!, No! speech in which she openly opposed the EEC (European Economic Community) plans that would become the European Union that we are currently in the process of leaving. 

Her former minister, Sir Geoffrey Howe, resigned from her government over her hard-line Anti-EU position. 

Then along with another Tory MP, Micheal Heseltine, who had resigned over a Helicopter contract, and was earlier demoted and sent to Liverpool as a ‘Culture Minister’ by Mrs Thatcher during her first term, hatched a revenge plot to sink her.

Geoffrey Howe openly criticized Maggie in the commons, stunning MPs on both sides of the house. His speech was so damaging that within days there was a leadership challenge. 

Thatcher was stunned by Howes speech, she later said “I didn’t think he’d actually do it.” 

The treachery continued, and Heseltine challenged his own PM who had won  landslide elections after defeating Inflation, The Miners and Communism. 

The woman who saved Britain from economic ruin and made the Tories the greatest Electoral force in the Western World was deposed by pro-EU Tory MPs. 

Thatcher lost the first ballot, though she won more votes than Mr Heseltine. 

She vowed to fight on, and win as as she gatecrashed a live BBC News report whilst on a trip in Paris, but the majority of her cabinet persuaded her to go, including current Remainer Tory MP, Kenneth Clarke who threatened to resign.

Eleven days after Howes speech, Mrs Thatcher left Number 10 in tears, she later described the events as “Treachery with a smile on its face.”


In an opinion piece the Daily Express said “Her vision, her energy and her leadership have transformed the country.

“From being a fading, second-rate industrial power, Britain is today, again, one of the great nations of the world.

“And this is due primarily to the efforts and excitement of Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

Heseltine said yesterday of the current Tory civil war: “I can’t remember anything quite like this.” – really Mikey?

The treacherous swine went on: “I got into the House of Commons in 1966, we had some pretty hairy moments, but nothing as continued and nothing where the bitterness between the two sides in the government party is as acute as it is today,”

The man who caused the Tory war on Europe, is now surprised at how it’s tuned out.

After Boris makes his speech today, Maggie will be proven right, Britain has spoken, but Mrs May is trying to keep us tied to the EU.

No! No! No!

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