BOVVER BOYS BACK IN TOWN: Met Police Attacked Middle-Aged-Woman at Anti-Lockdown Rally


MET Police were slammed last night after video emerged of the force disrupting a peaceful anti-lockdown protest in which a middle-aged woman was violently shoved to the ground by the Police.

In one of the various clips circulating online surrounding the police brutality that took place against the peaceful anti-lockdown protest that took place on the 26th of September, there has been evidence of a middle-aged-old woman being aggressively shoved, attacked and pushed to the ground by them during the Trafalgar Square event. The video itself has so far accumulated over 110K views.

In the clip, the police attempted to remove the woman from a chair she was standing on to move out of the way of other officers moving down a specific area. She then fell from the chair, as another police officer shoved her, and did so again after she went to complain about the assault.

Police then attempted to pull her away when she confronted the officer again, leading to her getting punched by another, leading her to land on her back on the ground. Screams of ‘oi’, ‘f*cking c*nt’, ‘look at what they’re doing’ and ‘whoa’ are audible throughout, mainly from the unidentified individual who was filming the incident.


More investigation revealed that the woman in the video – of who was middle aged at the time of filming – was shoved of a camping chair, later punched in the gut along with  the use of batons by the officers as a whole being widely condemned by those watching the clip. The officer who gut punched the woman had a badge number that read 6064 MP U4. No names of the individuals present have been revealed as of yet.

The event that took place in Trafalgar Square – of which featured the likes of weather researcher Piers Corbyn and conspiracy theorist David Icke and his son Gareth – led to much violence and scuffling, with many blaming the police for instigating the aggression.

So far, 16 arrests have been made. Many politicians who praised the police actions were widely condemned for seeming to support police violence, including London’s Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan and Conservative Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Met Police said in a statement to Politicalite: “Ten people were arrested following demonstrations in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, which later moved to Hyde Park.”

“Sadly, four of our officers were injured, two required hospital treatment.”

The Met also argued that due to protesters refusing to wear masks or follow social distancing guidelines, the protest was deemed “no longer exempt from the regulations.”

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