BREAKING: Bomb Found In Airport HOURS after Islamists Kill Hundreds Of Christians On Holy Day

A BOMB has been found at Sri Lanka’s airport, just HOURS after Islamists set off THOUSANDS of explosions across the country, Killing over TWO HUNDRED people.

The SIX-FOOT pipe bomb was discovered by air force personnel.

The International Airport was in ‘lockdown’ following the discovery, but it has now been safely destroyed.

Air Force Spokesman Gihan Seneviratne told the Sri Lankan Sunday Times: ‘A PVC pipe which was six feet in length containing explosives in it was discovered.’


By James Goddard

ISLAMIST Suicide bombers murdered more than TWO-HUNDRED innocent civilians with hundreds more injured in a direct attack on Christians celebrating Easter.

Brits and Americans are amongst the dead, with a total of EIGHT explosions ripping through Churches & hotels in Colombo, Sri Lanka today.

According to reports the Sri Lankan Police Chief had wad warned 10 days ago that prominent Churches could be the target of attacks from Islamic Terrorists, As of writing this, 7 people have been arrested in connection with the attacks.

This attack on one of our holiest days, is the latest in a long line of attacks committed by Islamic terrorists specifically targeted against Christians, with other attacks happening this year in Nigeria, Burkina Faso and the Philippines, today must serve as a reminder that Christians are being persecuted and murdered across the globe because of an intolerant, violent ideology that seeks to dominate all other religions, until there is just one left, Islam.

Political leaders have expressed their horror about the attacks.

British Prime Minister Theresa May condemned the attacks as “Truly appalling” and expressed her sympathies for those affected.

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