BREAKING: Jordan James Steps Down As Politicalite Editor

POLITICALITE Editor Jordan James is stepping down after nearly two years at the helm of one of the UK’s fastest growing alternative news outlets.

After launching in 2017 the website now reaches more than 500,000 people per month and in 2018 was read by almost three million people, Mr James will continue his role as Company Director of Politicalite UK Ltd, but will no longer be involved with editorial content on the daily edition.

Mr James will be replaced by Politicalite’s current Deputy Editor, Darrell Goodliffe with immediate effect.

Jordan, 25 said in a statement: “I’d just like to say a massive thanks to all our readers that have stayed with me and the site since the very beginning, and also the thousands of new readers that joined me along the way.”

“This is not the end for Politicalite, it’s just the end of my story here.”

”I’ve enjoyed bringing the scoops, causing offence and annoying lefties on a daily basis, but there’s a limit to that sometimes.”

“I’ve loved every minute being an annoying little ‘thorn’ in the side of the powerful, but my favourite stories have always been about the everyday normal people like me and trying to change things for the better, but the time has come for me to focus on my personal life.”

He added: “I’m proud of what I have achieved with Politicalite and I think this little website has helped to inspire Britons across the nation, to WAKE UP and stop believing the lies of mainstream politicians.”

“We have boldly pushed the boundaries and have never been afraid to offend by speaking the truth, even if I spent nearly every month doing an Orwellian stint in Facebook jail and lost numerous advertising deals.”

”I’m looking forward to turning my Twitter notifications off, deleting a few news apps and getting out of the never ending news cycle – which is quite toxic and will enjoy reading Politicalite just like you!”

“I have the very best faith in Darrell and I know he will continue to grow the site and bring readers more of the unreported news.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alex

    January 21, 2019 at 21:53

    Understandable and Fair, Good luck for future coming events and thank you for all the hard work you put in so far, cheers Mate!

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