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BREAKING: Politicalite UK has been CENSORED By Facebook

POLITICALITE has been censored by Facebook, following too many stories that exposed the British state.

Since around 0900am this morning, all link posts on our page have been removed – without any explanation.

We removed all admins from our page – and then repeatedly posted the same links, only for them to be removed AGAIN by Facebook.

We posted on our page asking if readers could see information, many said they had not seen any ‘link’ stories we had posted all morning.

Politicalite recently registered as an official news company, and Politicalite UK Ltd Director and Editor Jordan James said at the time: “In recent days there has been a crackdown on Free Speech and the Alternative media with the banning of InfoWars on multiple platforms.”

“Becoming ‘Politicalite UK Ltd’ will hopefully give us some added protection against the state censors, as we are now a legitimate news company.”

“We will follow rules, regulations but we will never lose our rebellious nature.”

Politicalite extensively checks our sources and uses official newswires, this is a breach of our free speech, and Facebook is an American company – this should not be happening.

We have contacted Facebook for comment.

Please SHARE this information, and see if it is marked as spam and let us know.

Make sure you set us too ‘SEE FIRST’ – in the meantime, we are working on alternative ways to get news out to you.

Follow us on Twitter at @Politicalite (Jordan James) and @PoliticaliteUK 

More follows.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Charles J Fitzsimmons

    23 August 2018 at 23:21

    It will be like “banned in Boston” once was. Nothing sells like being banned.
    Zuckerberg has some variations on spelling that keep getting past the search engine censors
    Must be a lot of keyboard adepts don’t seem to like him.

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