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BREAKING: Tommy Robinson To Ask Trump For ‘Political Asylum’ in US

RIGHT-Wing Activist Tommy Robinson is to ask President Trump for ‘political asylum’ in the United States according to reports after being found guilty of Contempt of Court in a ‘show-trial’ by the British state. 

The move comes following the British Government ordering a fresh trial for the activist who has been accused of causing ‘Anxiety’ to convicted Muslim Child Groomers by filming them outside a courthouse – just as dozens of mainstream media outlets do such as the BBC and Sky News.

Robinson will appear on Fox News to make the appeal – a channel the President regularly watches.

The United States provides resettlement of persons who are subject to persecution for ‘political opinion’.

Opponents claim that he could have prejudiced a jury over his actions outside Leeds crown court in the previous year. A move that until recently was banned under an 800 year old double jeopardy law that stated defendants could not be retried on similar charges for a second time.

Geoffrey Cox remarked that “Posting material online that breaches reporting restrictions or risks predjudicing legal proceedings is a very serious matter”. What he failed to mention is that prior to the trial Tommy examined the notice boards of the court and due to an internal error the reporting restrictions were not displayed on the respective cases of which he commented on. Further to that the information Tommy brought to light was already in the public domain. The prosecutors were told that he was reading directly from the BBC’s own website. We’re led to believe that Tommy’s defence team cited information on the judiciary’s website in support of this claim but it was rebuked with the prosecution claiming that the information on their own website was wrong.

As we all know the left only has one standard and it is a double standard. Dame Victoria Sharp’s claims that Tommy was “aggressively confronting and filming” the defendants as they entered the court is in itself absurd. The comments demonstrate the blatant hypocrisy of the establishment as Tommy faced the exact same treatment from the left leaning media outside the Old Bailey prior to his trial even beginning.

The establishment – hell bent on censorship – is conducting a cultural cleanse of the right wing media. As always social media seems to be the target. With Geoffrey Cox of the prosecution stating  “I would urge everyone to think carefully about whether their social media posts could amount to contempt of court”. Governments and tech companies are colluding against citizens to silence free thinkers and to silence anyone who dares speak of muslim grooming gangs.

The trial has been nothing more than a duplicitous attempt to silence Tommy at any cost. And cost it did. The case allegedly resulted in a £1 million bill to be footed by the tax-payer! Why are we sponsoring the governments vane self centred witch hunts when our police desperately need money to fight real crime?

And the cost goes beyond money. The government knows that prison for Tommy is a matter of life and death. The reckless behaviour of the attorney general is not only undermining Tommy’s freedom and his rights as a citizen but it is undermining his safety and the safety of his family. Prisons in the UK are dominated by radical jihadi muslim men. A custodial sentence for Tommy is a death sentence. And the government knows that. During his previous stint in jail Tommy was holed up in solitary confinement for fear of attack by his fellow inmates and he was forced to survive off cans of tuna as the food prepared in the prisons was being prepared by muslim inmates.

Tommy is due to be sentenced on 11th July.



  1. Meok

    July 8, 2019 at 19:31

    Might be difficult as Americas Border agents stop anyone with a criminal record from entering the country. Which blows my mind as there are people from African countries flying into America (NY) on holiday, taking a taxi or bus to Roxham Rd with all their suitcases and crosses over the US/Canadian border which isnt a legal border crossing point. There they walk up to the RCMP police and claim asylum… where they have details taken and the refugee or illegal.border crossers get assistance and accommodation until their case is heard… which can be several years down the road.
    So if you are reading this Tommy you have many friends in Canada including Ezra.
    It might be a safer place for your family if you get sent back to prison.

  2. Anonymous

    July 8, 2019 at 21:58

    This vile man posted himself admitting he knew about the reporting restrictions. If Trump wants him, he’s welcome to him, after he’s served his sentence. The poor, delicate soul has convictions for assault, so he should find the chance for the odd scrap in jail provides him with all the entertainment he’s missing on the outside.

  3. Anonymous

    July 8, 2019 at 22:01

    Funny, you dont post comments which contradict you point of view- so much for defending freedom of expression.

  4. GM

    July 9, 2019 at 17:27

    Anonymous number 1 has obviously never read Tommy’s Book, ‘Enemy of the State’.
    If he had he would know how corrupt our government and police are. They are the ones who should be inside being entertained by Islamic angels!

  5. Gamaliel

    July 9, 2019 at 18:52

    I don’t think Tommy could have prejudiced the trial because they were already convicted. He asked them what they thought of the verdict. So the verdict must have been declared already.

  6. Dman

    July 10, 2019 at 10:53

    If it really is true that the prisons are run by Muslims, perhaps his followers should do the noble thing and get themselves incarcerated so that they can address the balance. Mind you, there are already a number of former EDL members and friends of mr Robinson that have been jailed for child molestation.

  7. Bruce Lawson

    July 11, 2019 at 12:53

    “Prisons in the UK are dominated by radical jihadi muslim men”. Jordan, this is untrue (as I’ve told you on twitter). The latest figures (from end of March 2018) are 15% of prison population is muslim, 48% are christian. See for yourself, on page 11 of the House of Commons report linked here https://researchbriefings.parliament.uk/ResearchBriefing/Summary/SN04334

    I don’t know why you continue to have this false information on the site now you know it’s not true.

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