CARRY ON REMOANING: Clegg Just Won’t Stop!

Nick Clegg, speaking to French television network France 24 yesterday, to mark the launch of yet another campaign for a second referendum claimed that now even hardened Brexiteers accept that Brexit is “more complicated” and “less beneficial” to Britain than the Leave campaign said it would be:

“Given the serial incompetence with which the British government has been handling the Brexit negotiations – I think even the most hardline Brexit voters will now accept that Brexit is more complicated, more drawn out and less beneficial to the country than they were told by Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, and the others at the time of the referendum in the summer of 2016.”

The campaign, also supported by another political zombie, Tony Blair, is being heavily backed by meddling financier George Soros. Mr Clegg claimed that the “freedom to change our minds” is a central tenet of British democracy:

“I think we should always retain, as an ancient vulnerable old democracy, the freedom to change our minds.

“That is, after all, the lifeblood of any democracy. That’s why we have elections every four years.”

Mr Soros claimed that the ‘Best For Britain’ campaign would be publishing its manifesto in the “next few days”. Somewhat risibly, given his express desire to override the wishes of over 17 million voters, Mr Soros claimed that the manifesto of ‘Best For Britain’ would be “engaging with the electorate”.

Remoaners have shown they are like the proverbial dog with a bone and just won’t stop no matter how many times the British people clearly tell them they want their country back.

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