CHAOS IN CATALONIA: Thousands of Pro-Democracy Protesters Come Out In Support of JAILED Separatist Leaders 

BARCELONA was a city of fire last night as pro-Democracy protesters turned to rioting – setting bins alight in the city centre. 

There was a general strike and also a freedom march that left from different parts of the region by foot on Wednesday have reached the capital.



A police officer had to be carried by his colleagues after being wounded during clashes with demonstrators in the Urquinaona square during the general strike called by pro-independence unions, on Friday in Barcelona. 

Thousands of the pro-independence protesters blocked the main streets of the city and pelted officers with eggs and rubbish.

Barricades and rubbish containers were set on fire in as the protests went on itno the night. 

The mass acts of civil disobedience occurred when Catalonia’s pro-independence leaders were jailed. 

The protests have been on-going all week, and entered their fifth straight day Friday. 

Footage shows several fires on the streets of the Catalan capital and police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters. 

Spain’s Supreme Court convicted nine independence leaders, including former Catalan Vice President Oriol Junqueras, for their role in the autonomous region’s attempt to secede and holding an illegal independence referendum. 

The convicted leaders were given prison sentences ranging from nine to 12 years, which protesters have condemned as being disproportionately harsh.

Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez spoke about the Catalan crisis in Brussels on Friday, where he was participating in a European Council summit.


Sanchez said that “the social and democratic rule of law cannot yield to the impulse of exaltation” and stressed that “there will be no room for impunity in the face of the acts of vandalism that we have seen in recent days in some cities in Catalonia.” 

Referring to the President of Catalonia, Quim Torra, Sanchez said that what he is doing is “frivolising with violence, underestimating the serious effects, not only on the economy but also on coexistence in Catalonia.” 

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