COMMENT: After talkRADIO’s Censorship MPs MUST Free The Speech in Law  

AFTER the temporary banning of the self-described “home of free speech” radio station talkRADIO – that is licensed by UK media watchdog Ofcom and has a huge following of right-wingers and Brexiteers fed up with the left-wing mainstream media, it is time free speech was upheld in British law. 

Woke censors at YouTube banned the channel in the early hours of Tuesday morning, but YouTube was forced to reverse the ban after pressure from ministers including the former journalist Michael Gove who stressed that it was “important” voices who question the Governments handling of Coronavirus were heard.

Politicalite has faced censorship multiple times over the past four years simply for politics and views that are discussed around working-class tables across the country. 

During that time we decided to give a platform to those denied a voice by big tech – the most notable person we gave a voice too was the controversial anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson – despite us not agreeing with what he had to say. 

Who is Tommy Robinson? Former EDL founder and far-right activist

Due to this, we were defunded by Google, Taboola, Outbrain and a string of other advertising platforms in 2018 – a massive strain on our finances, but our readers saved us by donating. Then, in 2019, Our Facebook page with a reach of 10m a month and nearly 50,000 likes and followers was deleted, overnight. We were the only news outlet in the UK to be banned on Facebook. 

This all came thanks to the likes of Theresa May advisor, Sir Robbie Gibb, and Tory MPs such as Margot James and Damian Collins, outlets such as leftie Politico and the disgraced journalist Mark Di Stefano of the now-deceased BuzzFeed News UK. Rest In Hell. 

Politico – branded us part of the “Nationalist Dark Web” – a smear attempt. 

Breitbart reported at the time: “The ban occurred amid pressure from the British government (currently run by the so-called “conservative” party) on social media platforms to do more to combat “hate.”

Hate and Racism the Government, Google and Facebook said. This is despite myself, the founder of Politicalite being an openly gay man of mixed-race Jamaican heritage. I have not got a racist or hateful bone in my body, yet our outlet was censored and our business was smeared and defunded because we gave a voice to those denied it.

Since the fall of Mrs DisMay, we backed Boris – only to be slapped with Contempt of Court allegations, which, thanks to lawyers – the Attorney General dropped. 

In the year since the ban, Politicalite suffered immensely, our outlet was nearly killed off. I also lost his home and at one point ended up in Hospital after an attempt on my own life in late 2019. 

I have never shared the latter before, and I’m not looking for any Sympathy. Copious amounts of booze and the support of my closet friends numbed the pain at the time, but this is the reality of censorship and the Establishment attempting to silence those they disagree with. Luckily, I survived and I decided to plow on, and make Politicalite successful again.

In 2020, Politicalite was seen by an incredible 17m Million across social and web and we have our Facebook page back, We had a bigger year in 2020 than in any other year whilst we were on Facebook originally, despite being banned on the world’s Number One social media website and the previous Government trying to silence us. 

Recently, I have watched the likes of Laurence Fox go through the attacks from the Left, the Snowflakes and the Establishment, despite this Mr Fox fought back against the left, and the attacks on his Career and virtual ‘Blacklisting’ by the Woke crowd. It is tough to do, especially when you have children and a Family to support. 

So today, I’m asking you to back our campaign to ‘Free The Speech’ – later this week we will be launching our campaign, to force politicians in Westminster to back Political Free Speech, by law. 

We will start campaigning and lobby British MPs to force them to add the protection of ‘Political Discrimination Protection’ into the UK Equality Act of 2010 – can you believe that currently, political discrimination is excluded? – Except for Northern Ireland, due to the peace process. 

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening protection in some situations, but it does not include protection from Political Discrimination.

At the moment in the UK – people who express political opinions online can be fired. ASDA workers have been sacked for joking about Islam online, and charity bosses have been fired – although thankfully rehired – for criticising the far-left Black Lives Matter movement.

Cancel culture is as popular as its ever been, Big Tech has continually undermined Conservatives and those on the Centre-Left on Social Media for refusing pander to the consensus groupthink and even authors have had their books burnt for being allegedly transphobic.

Book Burning sound familiar? It should, It’s akin to how a certain central European country carried out similar behaviour during the 1930s. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes. 

So today, I am asking you, despite the risk of what opponents may say and throw at you, if you would back our campaign to add ‘Political Discrimination Protection’ to the UK Equality Act and #FreeTheSpeech and donate to our campaign.


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