COMMENT: BBC News is winning back trust with Brits amid Coronavirus

BBC News is slowly winning back trust after years of Brexit bashing and left-wing infiltration. Now, it seems the corporation is winning back public trust in ‘proper news’ amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike other outlets such as ITV, Sky News and Channel 4 that continuously attempt to undermine Britain and it’s Government at a time of national emergency, the BBC is providing non-biased, accurate and trusted information and coverage.

Adam Boulton of Sky (First for Faking) News effectively tried to undermine the elected Prime Minister’s decision to appoint Dominic Raab as his deputy when the news of the PM’s hospital admission broke late Sunday.

He was furious that no one had stroked his very overweight ego and told ‘Mr I’m Very Important’ what was going on. (You’re not that important Boulton).

Piers Morgan is having a psychotic breakdown ( just three mornings a week) on Good Morning Britain – and has even been accused by some Brits of helping cause mass panic across the Nation with calls for a rushed lockdown well before the peak with an over-sensitive lockdown with his sensationalist headlines, tweets and screeching.

He’s become the very Remain-Esque type figure that he used to deride. Maybe the pandemic has let the mask slip. Piers is just a angry middle-aged man, who wanted revenge on the PM for refusing to appear on GMB.

We’re seeing that these big names and ‘American Style Super Anchors’ who make a living with one source and a news cycle of spin and non-stop non-drama, (See Peston) are now having to follow the Ofcom code and provide impartial, accurate and non-biased news, something they simply cannot do.

However, in a time of national crisis, the BBC is doing just that.

Maybe it’s because they’ve done this sh*t before. During World War Two.

Duwing the Wor… the BBC’s Broadcasting House was bombed by the Germans – and they carried on broadcasting LIVE whilst the bomb went off.

“At 8.15pm on October 5, 1940, a 500 lb German bomb smashed through the seventh floor of the BBC’s Broadcasting House” 

“It didn’t explode until someone tried to move it during the 9pm news bulletin. The audience heard a muffled crump but the newsreader, Bruce Belfrage, continued almost without a pause (he later admitted to needing a ‘stiffener’ when he came off the air).”

Could you imagine the likes of Adam Boulton or Piers Morgan carrying on amid a German bomb? Me neither.

The professionals over at the BBC know how to keep the news coming when we need it most, and they’re actually kicking ass for once.

Politicalite has rightly slammed the BBC when it’s been in the wrong – but opponents and critics should also praise the corporation when they actually get it right.

I don’t believe for one second that patriotic Brits wanted to see the end of the BBC. They wanted to see it report with impartiality and represent them.

It’s a national institution that has entertained, informed for generations, but like all institutions, sometimes they need a cold dose of reality from the people.

The BBC News at Six is also seeing its highest ratings ever with highs of EIGHT MILLION… daily.

BBC One is also smashing records and being viewed more than its commercial rivals for ‘special broadcasts’ such as the Prime Minister’s Address to the UK last week and more recently the Queen’s Speech.

The BBC can be a great advantage to Britain in times of crisis. It’s also the defacto ‘signal’ to Royal Navy officers on board Britain’s Nuclear Deterrent submarines should the nation come under attack.

If the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 does not broadcast for three days straight, officers are permitted to open the Prime Minister’s letters of last resort should hostile forces destroy the British Government and London.

With so-called political uncertainty and claims ‘no one is incharge’ (It’s Raab, Boris was very clear) maybe the commercial pundits can claim that it’s the BBC who have the codes.

So let’s hope the staff at Radio 4 don’t throw a three day sickie.

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