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COMMENT: Booting out Boris proves the Elite don’t care about Democracy  

THE METROPOLITAN Elite have stolen our Election and proven mainstream democracy is just an illusion.

Love him or loathe him, Boris Johnson won a landslide election in 2019. The biggest Tory win since Margaret Thatcher in 1987.

14 million Brits put Boris in office, he promised to level up the UK and rule his Government “For The People’ during his victory speech outside Number 10.

He stayed true to his word, see Boris wasn’t you’re typical Tory. He connected with the ‘everyday voter’ like no other Conservative.

Despite his privileged credentials, Boris helped the poorest during Lockdown and boosted Benefits to ease the cost of living crisis. He even wanted to give the lowest paid a chance to get a mortgage.

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He also won on his vow to get Brexit done and ensure the will of the working-class people was delivered. He did that too.

Yet, a bunch of upper-class self-serving weasels abandoned the people’s PM when the going got tough because they think we are all stupid enough to believe the Remainer elites on £80,000 a year will truly make a difference. They don’t care about us, they care about their political careers.

They have deposed Boris just like they deposed another right-wing revolutionary, Margaret Thatcher.

She dismantled the old order in the early 80s and gave opportunity to the many, not just the few. It seems that’s the real problem.

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The Wet Toffs tried to get rid of her in 1981 when the going got tough. They never had the stomach for the challenging reality of real political and economic change. That’s because they’re happy with the status-quo. 

They’re happy with us divided, poorer and well in our place.

A new Prime Minister won’t fix the inflation crisis and it won’t fix Britain’s problems. It’s the political equivalent of a £850 roll of wallpaper over the political cracks.

The Tories have proven they don’t care about democracy, and they’ve deposed their own team captain and practically handed Labour the keys to the next Government.

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Hypocritical Backbenchers have been banging on about rules and integrity in the battle for Number 10, yet when it comes to our 14 million votes, the rules change to suit the career politicians.  

Levelling up? Booting out Boris now means Britain will now level down. 



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