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COMMENT: Tax and Spend Tories Betray Electorate Once Again

THE CONSERVATIVE party won the last election talking the talk of being a genuinely patriotic, pro freedom, pro-business party.

What has happened since has been a shameless breaking of every promise that made them appear so attractive to the electorate.

First their promise of an “oven-ready” deal to “Get Brexit done” proved to be as fatuous

and meaningless a promise as Theresa May’s “Brexit mean Brexit” hogwash. 

The golden opportunity for our national future that Brexit provides is being squandered in the most outrageous and incompetent manner possible.

Let’s not forget their promise to get tough on immigration and clamp down on illegal immigration. They have done absolutely the opposite of what the public demanded and what they promised.

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Then they told us that the Prime Minister was a freedom-loving libertarian who believed in small government. 

What we have actually endured is unprecedented attacks on our civil liberties and enormous increases in the size of the state accompanied by frankly unimaginable amounts of borrowing.

Now we have the latest betrayal. After having promised no tax rises and gone as far as copying George Bush’s famous “read my lips” phrase we are now seeing an absolutely huge tax increase through the hike in National Insurance.

To be clear, National Insurance is not what it was originally sold as. It is not earmarked for health or pensions it is simply a way of masking the true amount of Income Tax we are burdened with.

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The justification for this is to overhaul social care provision, a noble ambition I agree. This does not however justify this tax hike. 

Why not cut expenditure by axing the HS2 Vanity scheme and use some of that money for Social Care? Alternatively we could stop spending hundreds of millions on useless Track and Trace Schemes, or maybe abandon subsidising inefficient Green energy schemes. 

Let’s be honest there are many ways we could spend our money differently or even not spend it at all.

We have a Conservative Government spending Billions of borrowed Pounds whilst hiking taxes to try to get even more money to throw around. All done whilst claiming to be the party of the NHS. Does that sound familiar? It should do, it’s been promised by the Labour party at every election in living memory.

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The key selling point for the Tories at recent elections has been “vote for us or you may get Labour” It is now apparent that if you vote Tory you get Conservative lies and Labour policies.

The British public has been blatantly and repeatedly lied to by the Conservative party and our now totally discredited Prime Minister. It is absolutely clear that they will say anything to win votes but once elected simply do as they wish and ignore what was promised.

As we look forward to our ID card waving, lockdown threatened, highly taxed and regulated future where the inflow of illegal immigrants is accepted and expensive green fantasies are forced upon us perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves is that what we voted for. I don’t believe that the British public welcome the direction this government is taking regardless of how many polls are commissioned by its supporters to try and prove otherwise.

Einstein’s definition of insanity was to continue doing the same thing but expecting different results. Keeping that in mind at the next election may be a valuable piece of advice for anyone who expects or hopes for anything more than Tory lies and Labour policies. 

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