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COMMENT: Tories must forget CLASS to ‘Level Up’ UK, just like Maggie

DESPITE claims in Britain’s leftie mainstream media that the party is over for the Tories – the Conservative Party remains one of the most successful political parties in the Western world.

But what has made a party that is often falsely made out to be an “evil institution of tax-cutting, poor-killing free-market monsters” by the Back Door Bolsheviks a.k.a the Labour Party, into the powerhouse of the late 20th Century and the majority of the 21st? Two words. Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher's wardrobe secrets | Christie's
Former PM Margaret Thatcher after winning 1979 Election – CREDIT: BBC

Maggie, as The Sun nicknamed during her 1979-1990 tenure as PM – knew how to fight back against Class snobbery in the Tory party, and the country as a whole.

The Sun (UK Newspaper) headline after the Argentine invasion of the  Falkland Islands. - 9GAG

She managed to come back from a polls crisis after introducing much needed but harsh ‘economic shock therapy’ via economic reforms and deep budget cuts to get Britain out of the red in 1981 after years of Labour failure.

Polls predicted a total wipeout of the Tories, riots took place in South London, Manchester and Toxteth in Liverpool.

Heroes or anarchists? The 1981 Brixton riots are now being hailed by the  Left as a heroic uprising. The truth is rather different | Daily Mail Online
Thatcher government toyed with evacuating Liverpool after 1981 riots |  National Archives | The Guardian

Did she change course? No. She was ‘The Iron Lady Not for Turning’ and doubled down on cuts, she called it ‘Good Housekeeping’ – in reality it was due to her background as the ‘Grocers Daughter’ and knowing how to balance the nations books.


Margaret Thatcher found Finchley perfect fit as MP and PM – it's 'one of  us' | Metro News

Despite Maggie being the first woman Prime Minister in Britain, it was class rather than gender that the ‘One Woman Revolution’ tried to tackle.

She did this by introducing competition and by privatising loss-making state-owned businesses. She even faced off Arthur Scargill and his Mob of Miners in 1984.

Old Etonians mocked Maggie, they even tried to keep her out of the halls of Downing Street in the 1970s, simply because of her background, “The Grocers Daughter” they laughed, but not for long.

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The Corner Shop where Margaret Thatcher grew up

The ‘Milk Snatcher’ had to learn the hard way, discovering Britain’s class barriers that oddly still hold back Britain, despite the UK being the one of the most modern progressive and inclusive societies in the Western world.

When Thatcher won the leadership election in 1975, she shook up the party. So worried were the Old Etonian and Establishment guard -who felt they had the “god-given” right to rule Britain that a campaign was started to bring her down.

Maggies campaign manager, Conservative MP Airey Neave, who was also a Radical Right-Winger like Margaret – was killed via a shock ‘IRA’ car bomb across the road from the Houses of Parliament.

The life and death of British spy turned politician Airey Neave
Airey Neaves Car following suspected ‘IRA bomb’ on 30th March 1979 – Two months before Thatcher’s landslide win.

Maggies story to refuse to let class get in the way of the Enterprising era of the 1980s, opened up a new ‘free market’ for the Tories.

These people were the Essex Man who wanted to do more than work in a factory, and the Northern teenager who wanted to do more than work down a bloody mine, the Cockney ‘Del Boy’ Geezer and the Strong Independent Woman.

And Even though Mrs Thatcher is said to have divided Britain – one could argue that she laid the foundations with her reforms for Britain to finally get over its ‘daddy issues’ with class.

The right to buy: the housing crisis that Thatcher built | Social housing |  The Guardian

She horrified the old guard who declared that she was “selling off the family silver” with her mass privatisations of British industry, but for the first time in history, the Essex lad could rub shoulders with the men in Bowler hats at the London Stock exchange.

She famously declared that there was “No Such Thing as Society” in a speech in which she railed against the expansion of the Welfare State and the Government solving everyone’s problems.

‘That Bloody Woman’ was a PM that would rather do, and get the job done. Just like the Working and Middle Classes, the Tories seem to be afraid of the outdated Class systems inevitable consignment to history.

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Yet Britain’s issue with Class has the opportunity to be Boris’ biggest weapon in his arsenal against the Labour Party.

Starmer&Co, like their lefty predecessors pretend to care about those as the bottom of the system, but in reality Labour wants to keep the working man down, just so they keep voting for Labour, where the Tories want to see you reach your true potential.

A recent example where the Tories have got it massively wrong on Class is the charlatan that is “The Right Honourable Member of Parliament for the 18th Century” Eye Rolls Mr Jacob Rees Mogg, who has a major class shaped chip on his shoulder.

Jacob Rees-Mogg interview: boys, boys, let me sort Brexit first, then we  can play cricket | News | The Sunday Times

It emerged via The Guardian over the weekend that the Moggster’s Grandfather was, in fact, a Milkman and lorry driver. A similar story to the background of Maggie’s father.

But why did Jacob Rees-Mogg feel the need to hide this? Was he so ashamed of due to the class snobbery within the Tory Party and Parliament? The same kind is holding back this great nation? The very kind Mrs T faced? Yes. But she knew how to handle a room full of public school boys who needed a telling off from Nanny.

You’d think Mr Mogg would use his background to his advantage, instead of making out like he was a true member of the British Aristocracy. Sadly, Mr Mogg felt he had to play the character of the ‘Old Etonian’ to climb the greasy Westminster political pole, which is genuinely sad, if true. Is Merit not enough? Why does it matter what your Dad does. Its about what YOU do.

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We need to remember that more unites Britons than divides us, and class is one thing that does divide us, it has for hundreds of years.

We often talk about the divisions of religion, Muslims and Black Lives Matter dividing us, but these are just tactics and ‘dog-whistle’ spin distractions that the Establishment uses to keep us from looking at what is really wrong with Twenty-First Century Britain.

If the Tories can reclaim the narrative away from far-left extremists such as ‘Class War’, (who ironically held a protest outside the Moggsters home in 2019) then they just might be able to fulfil the promise of Levelling Up Britain, Building Back Better and winning another Election.

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