REVEALED: Expert who recommended the UK lockdown CRITICISED for past failures

A SCIENTIST who  urged the British Government to shut down the Country had made a series of scientific blunders in the past.

The Daily Telegraph revealed that Dr. Neil Ferguson of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis of the Imperial College of London, of whose paper ‘Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID19 mortality and healthcare demand’ recommended a UK-wide lockdown to avoid mass death, of which allegedly convinced Johnson and his advisors to go ahead with such plans has been criticised for flawed research to similar pandemics in the past.

This included how back in 2001, he was behind research and predictive modelling from the same college which recommended that the legitimate response to the 2001 epidemic of foot and mouth disease was to cull mass amounts of farm animals (even those not infected), of which while proved highly influential in how the then Blair government responded to the problem, it cost the country billions of pounds and the information provided was described as ‘not fit for purpose’.

This comes now as Ferguson is being widely criticised for his current methodology, which includes a prediction of 40 million people dying globally from the coronavirus, if mass action isn’t taken. This includes Edinburgh University Professor of Veterinary Epidemiology Michael Thrusfield, of who claimed to feel ‘deja vu’ from the current research and conclusions, stating that ‘during the [FMD] epidemic there was quite vocal opposition from members of the vet profession – especially those who had their hands soaked in blood, killing perfectly healthy cattle.There was also a major economic and emotional impact on those involved’. Ferguson has defended himself, claiming that ‘it is ludicrous, frankly, to suggest that the severity of this virus is comparable to seasonal flu – ludicrous and dangerous. People who are doing so have not analysed the data in any level of detail’.

The information was largely shared by prominent Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens, who on his Twitter account, of who criticised how the Telegraph ‘buried’ the story on page 13 of that edition of the broadsheet newspaper. As of now, there are currently17,089 cases of the coronavirus in the UK, with 1,019 deaths and 135 recoveries. This compares to the worldwide total, with 657,434 cases of the coronavirus, 30,419 deaths and 141,419 recoveries so far.


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