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CRISIS? WHAT CRISIS? French MEP Claims “There Aren’t Any Strikes In France”

A FRENCH MEP sensationally claimed that there were no protests in France, despite hundreds of thousands of protesters taking to the streets across the country for the past two months. 

Nathalie Loiseau MEP who is part of President Macrons En Marche!” party told the BBC’s Andrew Neil that “there aren’t any strikes any more in France” when the journalist grilled her about mass civil disobedience in the country. 

Since November 2018 the French have been rising up against the French Governments Economic reforms with ‘Yellow Vest’ protests taking place every week. 

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The MEP told the BBC: “I’m surprised that a journalist doesn’t know that there aren’t strikes any more in France”.

For the past two months, mass transportation strikes have took place across the European country that is next predicted the leave the EU.

Protesters took to the streets again today (6th February 2020) over planned changes to the French pension scheme.

French unions called for the “national day of protest” the day the plans come before the French parliament.

Local media reports that “Transport is running almost as normal across the country – even in Paris, which was the area hardest hit by the unions’ action in December.” adding: “The number of people taking to the streets on protest days has been dwindling since the beginning of the movement.

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