DEATH CAM: Bodycam Footage of George Floyd Arrest Leaked

BODYCAM footage obtained by the British Daily Mail, the events leading up to George Floyd’s death, which sparked the massive protests led by the far-left Black Lives Matter organisation, have been fully revealed.

The bodycam footage of the events leading to George Floyd’s death has been exposed by the Daily Mail, of which allowed people to finally see what led to his death, which triggered massive protests and riots across the globe. It begins with Floyd being arrested by Minneapolis Police in Minnesota for his alleged role in passing a counterfeit $20 bill.

The police officers involved, those being Alex Keung – whose bodycam footage was shown by the Mail – and Thomas Lane, initially approached Floyd’s car, asking him to leave. Floyd responds under duress yelling ‘sorry’ and ‘I didn’t do it’, as they ask him at gunpoint to put his hands on the car’s wheel. It’s been noted that Floyd was under the influence of strong drugs, including meth and marijuana according to his autopsy, which may explain his seemingly erratic behaviour. The officers promise not to shoot him as they try to pull him out of the car, by which point he was resisting arrest.

As this was going on, witnesses who were asking questions about the arrest, were threatened by the officers if they didn’t stay up against the wall of a nearby building. One of them, a 38-year-old black woman, was filming the police handling on her smartphone, while proclaiming that Floyd ‘didn’t do nothing’. A black person was also with her, of who similarly protested Floyd’s arrest.

The police later took Floyd to another police car, whereby Floyd continued to resist arrest. They later tried to put him in the vehicle, whereby he continued to resist arrest, protesting that he could ‘die’ in the car, due to him having the coronavirus, and his alleged ‘claustrophobia’, with the officers reassuring him that they would wind down the windows so he could breath. He also kept yelling ‘I can’t breath’, which has become the famous rallying cry at many of the protests surrounding his death due to one of the officers kneeling on his neck, alongside ‘I’m not a bad guy’.

Finally, it leads to a brief clash, which led to Floyd being held on the road where the infamous footage of Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck came to pass, despite Floyd’s repeated verbal protests of ‘I can’t breath’. He continually screams in pain and protest as the road footage continues. Others who watch the police behaviour from afar are audible in the footage, complaining about the police officer’s ‘body language’ and that the officers need to give it ‘a rest’.

Floyd’s death, of which was officially determined as heart failure by the main autopsy report, led to much protest and riots across the globe in response to his death. The officers involved have been arrested for murder charges. The case and trial surrounding the whole affair are still ongoing.

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