DEN OF THIEVES: The Ten MPs Who Claimed More Than £200K in Expenses

DAMNING new research has revealed that MPs are STILL claiming massively in their expenses, wasting your hard earned tax money and fuelling a life of luxury of the backs of the poor. 

After a series of sackings, resignations and around half a million pounds of public money being returned, has anything changed 10 years on?

New research has revealed the average annual expenses claims by British MPs to be £156,491 each – also breaking this down to showcase how this differs between parties.

Data showcasing the average expenses claims made by MPs in each party can be seen here:

The research reveals the average expenses claims of MPs in each party to be:


3Plaid Cymru£169,578
5Scottish National Party£155,461
7Liberal Democrats£128,386
9Sinn Féin£109,307
10Social Democratic and Labour Party£105,454
12Ulster Unionist Party£82,520

On average, the DUP were the party that claimed the most, with £194,537 per MP, largely due to the cost of travelling to London from Northern Ireland.

Looking across the average expenses of MPs in two main parties, however, we see:

Labour: £166,098 per year 

Conservative: £152,079 per year

It’s official, Labour MPs claim, on average, £9,607 more than the British average, whereas Conservative MPs claim £4,412 less.

Alongside the research, this newly released tool lets you research the expenses of your own local MP and see how these compare to the average of their own party as well as the overall British average. 

If you’re also wondering who the 10 MPs are who made the highest expenses claims?

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