Dinner lady SUSPENDED for attending march against terrorism

Politicalite had to share this story with you, it hasn’t been reported by the mainstream media and it should make you angry – no matter which side of the political spectrum you come from.

A DINNERLADY from Preston, Lancashire was suspended from the school where she worked, because she attended a UK March Against Hate in Manchester last month.

Rachel Booth, who is a dinner lady at Moor Nook Primary School in Preston, was summoned to the headmistresses office. She was confronted with footage of herself at the march, in which thousands of ordinary people attended to show solidarity against Islamic Extremism.

She was then told by Head Teacher – Suzanne Clough, that she was being investigated for attending an EDL rally and had been suspended due to ‘Gross Misconduct’.

One of the organisers of the march, Mohammed Fyaz – released a statement on Twitter stating that the march wasn’t an EDL rally: 

A simple search of Rachel’s name or the school’s name on Google will not reveal anything about the incident, nor will any of the UK’s mainstream media. Britain’s leading news outlets are simply too scared to report it – Politicalite isn’t.

Rachel said she wanted to stand up against terrorism after the recent Manchester terror attack that killed 22 and left more than 100 injured.

The dinner lady was told she wasn’t allowed on school premises, this meant that she couldn’t attend her children’s assemblies, sports days or even pick up her own children from school.

It also put her whole career in jeopardy as she was training to become a teaching assistant and her ability to work with children in the future was put under threat.

After Tommy Robinson and The Rebel Media raised the issue across social media, a petition was signed by more than 20,000 people and her suspension was lifted by the Head Teacher.

This is an under-reported story that should anger every person in the UK. If you believe in Democracy and the right to freedom of speech – then it shouldn’t matter what Booth’s political beliefs are – she has a right to express them without fear of persecution.

This doesn’t surprise me. Our Education system is a cesspit of left-wing thinking with eight in ten British university lecturers identifying as ‘Left-wing’.

When the left is involved, you must adhere to their strict policy of not offending a religion – or face exclusion from society. That is simply the left-wing way – conform or die.

In the democracy we live, political beliefs should be allowed to be expressed without the fear of persecution or discrimination, if people are persecuted due to their political beliefs, then this is a slippery slope into a police state.

Politicalite has reached out to Moor Nook Primary school for comment but has not yet received a statement.

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