DISRESPECTFUL: Guardian Journalist Simon Jenkins SLAMS ‘Artificial Remembrance’ In TV Rant

Guardian journalist and author Simon Jenkins attracted the ire of Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan as he condemned Poppy Day in a rant which Morgan branded ‘disrespectful’.

Jenkins said: “We’re the only country that does this year after year, after year, after year,” Jenkins declared. We ought to… the art is forgetting as well as remembering,” the author noted. Most of the wars in Europe have been caused by too much remembering the past and grievances. But no disrespect for what’s going on today, the question is, when do you stop? Do you literally go on looking at the… it’s always about the Germans, the hated Germans. We have to look to the future not the past – because the constant reference back to remembrance, when no one alive can remember, there’s an artificial state of sponsored remembrance.”

Meanwhile, in a shameful and disgusting protest, an Irish ‘Socialist Republican’ group is organising ‘Poppy Patrols’ to drive Poppy Sellers from the Royal British Legion off the streets of Dublin.

The group behind the protest, ‘Anti Imperialist Action Ireland’, said: “In the coming days and weeks, Irish Socialist Republicans and Anti-Imperialists in Dublin, will be organising ‘Poppy Watch Patrols’ to prevent the sale of the British Legion Poppy on the streets of our capital city. Following on from the success of last year’s patrols, those selling the British Legion Poppy on our streets will be challenged and their support for British imperialism and the ongoing illegal occupation of Ireland will be highlighted.”

They say funds raised by the poppy sales support British ‘terrorists’ and ‘imperialism’. This year has seen a sustained campaign against poppy sales with numerous stories of bans and exclusions. In the latest example of exclusion, two Poppy sellers were kicked out of a shopping precinct in Uxbridge as they ‘did not have permission to be there’.



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