LATEST WEATHER FORECAST: Heavy Tory Tiers Predicted as Anti-Lockdown Protesters Set To Hit London

A MASSIVE Anti-Lockdown event has been planned in London this Saturday, Politicalite can reveal.

The event is not linked to any conspiracy theorist or ‘Covid Deniers’ and attendees MUST wear masks and stay at least one metre apart from one another to avoid Met Police shutting the event down.

The event will be a march through Central London starting from Speakers Corner in at 1PM.

Information for attending Speakers' Corner, Hyde Park. | Speakers' Corner Reference

We will have LIVE & UNCENSORED coverage of the Event on our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and on for those who are unable to attend due to Self Isolation, Age, Mobility or Economic Reasons.

Politicalite is endorsing this event. We side with the protesters and we side with Brits trying to reclaim their rights. This is for Liverpool, this is for Britain.

Boris Johnson says 'we won't throw in the sponge' amid 'clear local peaks'

The protest march is organised by angry-Brits fed up of Lockdown and the assault on our Human Rights under the Coronavirus Act 2020 that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has used to abuse his position of power.

Boris is acting like a dictator and is imposing his harsh rule upon the British people. The UK is a democracy and Boris has NO mandate to impose these harsh restrictions on the British people.

He was elected by working-class Brits in December 2019 to get Brexit done, curb illegal immigration – yet he’s passed the biggest assault on the British people’s human rights in British history.

This week his Government imposed draconian new laws upon Liverpool – one of the poorest working-class cities in the UK, as a way to settle old scores from Margaret Thatcher’s reign. Now the Government is blaming Liverpudlians and Northerners for the crisis they have mishandled.

rob bremner liverpool 80s photography men 3


Scousers are some of the toughest working-class Brits in the country, The Elite is testing a Tier 3 Lockdown on Liverpool, to see if they can break them, if it works, they’ll impose it on us all. Liverpool endured the rough reign of Maggie Thatcher and they will endure this Government trying to settle old scores, they won’t walk alone.

It’s NOW or NEVER. If people don’t stand up for their rights now, then Governments will continue to impose draconian laws against our Human Rights.

Where does this end? It won’t we MUST tell the Government… NO MORE LOCKDOWNS!

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