EDITORIAL STATEMENT: We Will Never Surrender To Tyranny

Today is a sad day for Politicalite. 

It is impossible to overstate Jordan James achievement in building this blog up from scratch.

We are a publication of such note that even Downing Street is forced to sit-up and take notice and that is no small feat for a working class lad with nothing more than drive and ambition and a laptop behind him. Politicalite will always be his and I personally hope that one day he will return to writing and his place at the helm of this ship.

If Mrs May or one of her skivvies is reading this then I would simply say “You’re welcome”. There is no need to thank us for reminding you daily that the British people are in their heart a freedom loving people and also truth-seeking.

We will continue to be on the side of those people and fight you and expose you every step of the way as you betray them and the Brexit we voted for, we will not allow your treason to go unfought nor proceed under the cloak of darkness.

To the rest of the movement I say now is the time to stand together. We are all under attack like never before in the culture wars. As we have reported, we have been under constant attack from the left, the useful idiots for the tyrannical establishment elite.

We need each other and we need YOU or readers more than ever. Please help in any way  you can by donating below or at least sharing our pieces so the unreported news reaches more people.

People who know me well will know I am a committed member of UKIP however, Politicalite will continue to be a broad church and a place where all the diverse voices in this movement, for freedom and in defence of the uniqueness and fundemental virture of  Britishness, can meet, discuss and engage.

Finally, I would like to close by thanking Jordan for giving me the opportunity to take Politicalite forward, I can think of no greater compliment than to be entrusted with this task.

Stick with us as we honour his work by carrying on the fight for freedom and liberty in pursuit, as ever, of the truth.

Yours Faithfully,

Darrell Goodliffe

Editor In Chief, Politicalite



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