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END IT: The Campaign To END Rough Sleeping in the UK Amid COVID-19

A FORMER Homeless man turned campaigner has launched a campaign calling on UK housing minister Luke Hall to act on rough sleeping amid Covid-19.  

Rhys teamed up with the homeless charity Shelter to call out the failures of both local Governments and Government when it comes down to rough sleepers.

There are 4,134 people estimated to be sleeping rough in the UK according to Crisis – up 16% since 2015.

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The figures are more than likely to double amid a global economic crisis following the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Shelter campaign has already seen over 1,619 people sign an online petition to tell Luke Hall MP that NO ONE should be sleeping rough amid the pandemic.

Luke Hall MP (@LukeHall) | Twitter

Luke Hall MP

Rhys said: “Around 18 months ago I was living on the street. I know how unsafe it can be. But I also know how with a bit of stability and support, you can turn your life around.”

“It was good to see the government show compassion towards those sleeping rough by funding councils to offer them hotels during the pandemic. It saved lives. I want to thank you for that.”

“But I’m concerned by reports of street homeless people being turned away by councils or asked to leave hotels when they have nowhere safe to stay. This can’t be right. Does the latest government guidance allow councils to turn people away?”

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“With the eviction ban ending in August, and if people are already being turned away by councils with nowhere else to go, hundreds of people will end up on the streets. I believe that with the pandemic still in general circulation, and local flare-ups like in Leicester still happening, people shouldn’t be refused somewhere to stay safe!”

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“I think you should make it clear to councils that everyone at risk of living on the streets should be offered accommodation during the pandemic.”

“I’d really like to meet with you to talk about your plan to make sure all street homeless people are safe during the pandemic and to thank you for what you’ve already done to help rough sleepers during this time.”

“You’ve shown you can listen and take action to change things. I hope you’ll listen again.”