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EU threatens Italian government over 150 illegal and undocumented aliens

NEARLY two weeks ago, a ship packed with illegal immigrants, or “aliens” (for those daring enough) has been forced to stop and wait upon orders of the Italian government, at the port of Catania, in southern Italy.

Since then, there have been no resolutions regarding the fate of these 150 illegal immigrants- as the European Union and Italy’s populist led new government have to this day not managed to break a deal regarding quotas on immigration. The ship belonging to the Italian Coast Guard has humanely rescued this large number of Africans at sea, but is now stuck at the port of Catania waiting for further instruction.

Now, these facts may not seem to be groundbreaking news or events at first- but they certainly are, given that lately the EU’s relationship with one of its founding and largest member states, Italy, is on the brink of collapse.

The EU has openly threatened, as we have seen with the latest tweets directed towards Italy by the budget commissioner Guenther Oettinger, to punish the Italians with heavy sanctions. At the moment the EU does not wish to pursue such a drastic measure but is certainly more than happy to vulgarly threaten one of its “sovereign” member states after it has refused to comply to its globalist, progressive, almost totalitarian-like agenda.

Before passing any judgement, we have to consider what we already know about the recent tense relationships between Italy’s newly formed populist government and the Brussels technocrats loyal to the EU. Salvini and Di Maio, the two most important politicians in Italy, have been very criticial of the EU’s unrealistic, and far too ideologically progressive stance towards mass migration from Africa.

As this serious situation unfolds in Italy, the vice-Prime Minister Di Maio has already warned the EU that Italy will not continue to pay its EU budget of 23 Billion to them if they continue to disrespect and mistreat Italy by refusing to redistribute immigration quotas fairly among member states. In addition, Di Maio’s counterpart Salvini, who is also vice-Prime Minister, is currently being investigated domestically by Italian authorities on the grounds of abuse of power over the migrant ship standoff.

What is most worrying about these developments is that the globalist media, and all of those who align themselves with the EU and have taken an ardent pro-immigration stance fail to understand that as Merkel recognised; “Italy has been left alone to deal with the post-Libyan immigration crisis”. Also, stubborn minded progressives insist on defending something completely illegal, out of control, and dangerous such as illegal immigration.

Southern Italy, is the gate of Europe. Once these migrants have access to the coasts they have access to everything that belongs to us and was built only for us. Those would be our institutions, healthcare, jobs and education. If the ships are not turned back from European ports the aliens will be able to move to wherever they like, whether it is France, Britain, Germany or Sweden does not really matter at this point. We are full, and we have had enough. This surreal dream of Europe as a promised land for economic migrants needs to end.

The Italians got it right- the ships need to be stopped. Preferably turned back to where they come from too. The EU can threaten as much as it wants, they do so because they are scared. They know that if its relationship with Italy is altered negatively or even just one more member state leaves things are going to get tough, and real rough too. It appears that this whole project of a culturally neo-marxist but economically turbo-capitalist Europe is doomed. Perhaps, it was from the start.

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